What are some of the most effective marketing tools you use? If you have a question about cool tools, ask me anything! I am an open book and love to share my knowledge.

Lee Goff
Feb 7, 2018

I have seen some creative and amazing tools over the years, whether it be SmarterQueue, Meet Edgar, Visme, Thrive Architecture or thousands of others, the tools out there now are absolutely amazing.

What is your favorite tool for creating traffic, content, etc....

We use cloud based tools, like Infusionsoft, Thrive Architecture, Visme, Zapier and dozens more around our offices. When coaching my students, I run across some of the most amazing tools, platforms or creative ideas when it comes to creating world class content or campaigns.  Ask me anything or about any tool you can think of....If you have a tool that you just cannot live without, post it and let us know why you love it so much.  

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What was your first job as a marketer?

Feb 13, 1:10PM EST1

As a teacher, what would you say has been the most overwhelming thing in your career?

Feb 13, 12:14PM EST1

Could you suggest few content managment/SEO related marketing tools for a freelance writer?

Feb 11, 4:15PM EST1

Wordpress, All in one SEO, SEONinja, SEMRush

Feb 13, 1:43PM EST0

With 17 years of experience, how do you think the digital market industry has changed? Has it changed for good or is it more of a clutter now?

Feb 10, 9:37PM EST1

Goodness, it has changed in so many ways it is hard to isolate it down to one thing. If I had to pick one, I would say it is the evolution of the industry as a whole. Agency owners are growing up in their knowledge of how to run an agency like a traditional business. Agencies are adopting old school systems and processes to modernize their agency. It is a wonderful thing to see, as a whole it is legitimizing the industry in the traditional small business owners mindset.  It is huge for the growth of the industry. 

Feb 12, 8:37AM EST0

What Content Marketing tools should marketers keep an eye on in 2018?

Feb 10, 6:43AM EST1

The AI platforms are amazing. SmarterQueue, Meet Edgar are awesome. The pay attention to customer engagement and automatically deliver content from your content library based on the engagement levels. Very smart and very powerful! 

Feb 12, 8:33AM EST0

How can a company avoid the under promise, over deliver methodology especially if they want to deliver as promised in the first place?

Feb 9, 12:52PM EST1

Well, it all starts in the sales and marketing phase of the customer life cycle. Make sure your proposals, ads, emails, etc... all align with your offerings. After that, make sure the project hand off process is perfected, meaning that the expectation levels are properly maintained as the project transitions out of the sales cycle and into the service department. Another thing I would mention is this, make sure you deliver on what you promised, do not let the client control the process or you will never be able to over deliver because the client will constantly ask for more and more. 

Feb 9, 1:04PM EST0

How important are social media influencers in the digital marketing agency? What can they contribute?

Feb 9, 12:49PM EST1

Very important, they drive the conversations to a large degree. Pay attention to the ones that drive your niche's topics, etc..I have a strategic alliance with one that can drive traffic and leads into my agency coaching business, so they are very good at driving traffic as well. Make sure you pick the right ones to engage with, research thier following, etc.. Make their their core values, purpose and target audience all align with your brand. 

Feb 9, 1:01PM EST0

What are your thoughts on fake reviews when it comes to digital marketing? Do you believe that in some cases, these are necessary to jumpstart the promotion of a product?

Feb 9, 6:42AM EST1

Not a fan of fake reviews. 

I understand that sometimes you have to give a little to get a lot though. Meaning that if you have to give away your courses to high profile people, so they can test drive your services or courses before they give you a positive review. I totally understand this approach, but do not support 100% fake reviews at all. 

Feb 9, 8:37AM EST0

As a digital marketing agency owner, what qualities do you look for when looking for the best candidate to join your marketing team?

Feb 9, 5:56AM EST1

There are a lot of factors in finding the right fit. I have a 7 step hiring process that if followed will get you the absolute best employees you could ever dream of.  It goes over their skill sets, personality traits, drive, social media profiles, etc...

Feb 9, 8:35AM EST0

Do you believe that written content is still the best and most reliable way to market your products?

Feb 9, 3:39AM EST1

It is no doubt one of the best methods, but as with everything it is not the only thing you should do. Facebook groups, ads, referral partners. Interview larger names, ask them to syndicate it out to their list, etc...It will require a multi prong attack for sure! 

Feb 9, 8:33AM EST0

What’s the most memorable or challenging campaign that you’ve handled so far?

Feb 8, 5:41AM EST1

Wow, great question. It is hard to isolate it down to one, but there are a few that stand out. Black and Married with Kids - Helped created their brand, redo their website and setup automation.  This one is special because of the higher purpose, they are delivering content to their base that strengthens the African American family unit. It is a wonderful site! Country of Fiji's tourism department - This one was fun, although my agency had a piece of the project, it still felt wonderful to be part of the team that increased the total GDP of a country.  That just sounds cool to me! 

Feb 9, 8:32AM EST0

If you weren’t in the digital marketing industry, what do you think your job would be right now?

Feb 8, 4:47AM EST1

I honestly have no idea, I have done this for so long and love what I do so much I cannot see myself doing anything else. 

Feb 9, 8:29AM EST0

If there is a new product coming out in three months. What would be the first thing you will do to launch it?

Feb 7, 3:08AM EST1

Define the USP, Value Prop and Target Audience. Find creative ways to get in front of them and make it happen. The question is a little to open ended, it really depends on the product and target audience. 

Feb 7, 9:14AM EST0

What dismal challenges have you encountered as a Marketer? How were you able to overcome them?

Feb 6, 2:56PM EST1

To many to list honestly, as a marketer you are constantly overcoming challenges. Budget, messaging, taglines, target audiences, time of year, geolocation, etc...  I do what I always do, I never loose site of the human element. Always focus on the customer when you are sculting your ads/marketing materials and never stop testing. Testing will set you free!!! 

Feb 6, 3:09PM EST0

What marketing books would you recommend for pertinacious marketers to read?

Feb 6, 2:53PM EST1

Man, I had to look that one up  ;-) If you are stuck in the past it is time to get up to speed and FAST! Everyday that goes by without you adopting the digital/cloud based solutions is another day you fall behind. I recommend a hybrid of the cutting edge and old school.  The old school has it perfected when it comes to story telling, brand awareness, brand saturation and so on. Old school falls short because they did not adopt the targeting methods we all use everyday. So combine the story telling/brand awareness with the cutting edge cloud based tools like Ad Manager, Adwords, Remarketing, Infusionsoft, Zapier, PlusThis and others to expand your marketing know how.  Hope this helps, Lee

Feb 6, 3:07PM EST0

What marketing tools would you recommend for a newbie in social media marketing?

Feb 6, 1:25PM EST0

SmarterQueue, Meet Edgar, Hootsuite Now if you are talking about paid traffic, then obviously you would use Ad Manager and Adwords

Feb 6, 1:43PM EST0

To be a successful marketer, what basic skills should one possess?

Feb 6, 12:30PM EST1

First and foremost, you have to be extremely creative, understand the value of testing and be a little bit crazy! Seriously, it is hard to answer that question nowadays because the industry is so vast. It can be Social Media, Organic SEO, Paid SEM, Outbound, Inbound, Direct Mail, Gueriila and old school traditional publications. All of these require a deep understanding of the target audience, the value of testing your message/offering/up sells, etc...   At this point you sculpt your taglines, offers and up sells to best fit your target audiences wants and desires. Always remember the golden rule:Fear of Loss, Hope to Gain 

Feb 6, 12:50PM EST1

For how long have you been part of the marketing industry?

Feb 6, 11:33AM EST1

Over 17 years, I owned my own digital agency for 13 years. 

Feb 6, 11:36AM EST0

In terms of content creation, what is the best tool/platform to source quality content for one’s social business?

Feb 6, 11:14AM EST1

Lot's of different ways to handle this.  1) Find influencers you admire and republish 

2) Find mentors, ask them if you can use thier content as inspiration and piggy back on their content. 3) The best and the one that will always get you more leads, followers, etc.. is for you to originate the content creation in house. I know it is a lot of work, but it is the best way, so I would recommend finding creative ways for you to create world class content, FAST!  I have a video studio setup in my office, have writers, etc...  I can get a lot of content out there very fast if I wanted to, because I setup the proper infrastructure to produce world class content.  

Feb 6, 11:52AM EST0

During the training, have you encountered any difficult students? How were you able to handle and carry them along?

Feb 6, 9:34AM EST1

I had a few bad clients when I owned my agency, but as far as bad students I have not had much of an issue in that arena. I think the reason is because I am here to provide experience/guidance and accountability, but ultimately they are responsible for the work. I will help you build a 7 figure agency, but you have to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work.  I also go WAY overboard to over deliver, that probably has something to do with it as well. 

Feb 6, 11:48AM EST0

What unethical practices do you think need to be handled urgently in the marketing industry?

Feb 6, 9:07AM EST1

The biggest one by far is the under promise, over deliver methodolgy. All agencies should always under promise and over deliver, but they don't and then when you combine that with the "Magic Money" button gurus out there it is very difficult to maintain proper expectation levels as it pertains to the marketing industry.  So the best way to handle this is to over document, starting with the proposal process all the way through the final sign off and up sell process.  

Feb 6, 11:45AM EST0

What major role does SEO marketing play in the marketing industry?

Feb 6, 7:51AM EST1

It is a huge player, but it is a long term strategy. It is not something you turn on and see immediate results. Now if you focus on putting out world class content and making sure it is optimized and build links, that content will pay off huge over time. You can have a few links rank for a few of your primary keywords and get leads from that for years. It can be a huge ROI, but it takes time . 

Feb 6, 7:55AM EST0

Would you say it is better not to automate social media for a company? Which parts of it would you advice are best automated and with which tools and which one should keep a human touch on?

Feb 6, 1:25AM EST1

That will depend on the brand and their goals. But we have found it to be wonderful for Blog, stats, etc... You can easily automate those types of social content, then use it in tandem with current/personal events. There is no substitute for real human interaction, so if you can have a qualified person posting world class content you will get better results. 

Feb 6, 7:48AM EST0

What is your favourite marketing tool and why?

Feb 6, 1:13AM EST1

Infusionsoft, because it empowers small businesses to compete with any size business. It allows you to eliminate follow up failure and that is a huge part of any success formula. 

Feb 6, 7:49AM EST0

What are the absolute must-haves for driving traffic to a new site? What about measuring it?

Feb 6, 12:33AM EST1

Well, it is hard to beat the targeting options in the Facebook Ad Manager platform. You can get so hyper focused on your target audience and drive them into the exact thing you need at that time. I would suggest using blogs to warm up your audience first, then hit them with a CTA for the opt in. Custom Afinity Audience is hot right now, Adwords. When it is a new site, I also like guest blogging, paying for sponsorships and referral partners. If you are on a very tight budget, try referral partners to get started. 

Feb 6, 8:00AM EST0

In the present marketing industries who has been your favorite role model and why?

Feb 5, 7:49PM EST1

I am a little old school in who I follow, I follow Jay Conrad Levinson, Seth Goden, etc..As far as digital guys, Russel Brunson, Digital Marketer, etc...

Feb 6, 7:57AM EST0

Do you work with freelancers? If yes, what platforms do you use to recruit them?

Feb 5, 5:35PM EST1

When I owned my agency we did not use freelancers. Main reason is because we built high end systems with high end clients that required firm deadlines, etc..  Freelancers are not driven to your deadline as a full time employee. Now I use them every so often, but I do not do any implementation. I only coach business owners how to leverage the cloud to its fullest and I have a program specifically for agency owners.   When I do use freelancers, I go to Fiverr, hire 3 or 4 to do small jobs. I put the pressure on all of them equally to hit deadlines and deliver world class quality. The one who performs the best gets more long term work from me. It takes a little longer and cost a little more, but you get substantially better results. Hope it helps, Lee

Feb 5, 5:49PM EST0

What is a cool tool to spread your content, so get it distributed to other platforms and users?

Feb 5, 2:37PM EST1

I use Zapier, it integrates with just about everything. That is to make sure my CRM integrates with everything. For social media, I use SmarterQueue

Feb 5, 2:42PM EST0
What are the best tools you would recommend for social media automation and management?
Feb 5, 1:49PM EST1

Depends on what you are trying to accomplish, but my default is Infusionsoft. It is by far the most capable for the amount of money spent. Now if you are looking for simple email automation, MailChimp or Constant Contact will work fine for that. If you are wanting to get into more advanced automation (Client On-Boarding, Prospect nurturing, new hire training, etc...) you will need to step up to Infusionsoft or HubSpot. Hope this helps, Lee

Feb 5, 1:58PM EST0
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