Berlin Malcom

I am a book publicist


I am a book publicist

My name is Berlin Malcom.  I have been a freelance book publicist since 2011. I have an MBA with a focus in marketing and project management. I love books of all genres and help authors get more readers, inexpensive book covers, inexpensive but professional websites, and editing help. I also love helping with branding and image so I am open to any questions you may have about that. Basically, I find affordable ways to help authors spread the word about their latest novel. I know right now that the opportunities are endless. I also know that there are so many options available that it can feel daunting trying to decide which services and social media are the best for you and your goals. I am here to help you make better choices and show you how you can help yourself, even if your publisher is unwilling to help you. I would also like to clear up any myths you might have such as how long it takes to make a livable income.  

I look forward to helping you.

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  • I have been a freelance book publicist since 2011. I help traditionally published

  • niche published

  • and self-published authors promote their work.

  • Master of Business Administration