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Digital Marketing Specialist | Social Media Marketer


Digital Marketing Specialist | Social Media Marketer

As Digital Marketing Project Manager, my aim is to educate small and medium sized digital media agencies to do a better business in terms of providing digital marketing and social media marketing services to their clients. I implement strategies for agencies as well as their clients by focusing on their business goals and marketing objectives through digital and social media planning.I also educate clients on the importance of recognizing how social media must be an integral part of the company and not an activity to be outsourced and forgotten about, by training key staff to work with me on the implementation of social media strategies, educating companies on the importance of evolving into a social business, and the significance of social media guidelines and policies.I help companies to:Maximize growth and reach by developing and implementing integrated social media marketing strategiesAcquire new customers through social media campaigns with specific call to actions and measurable resultsIncrease online visibility, website traffic, and lead generation, through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaignsCreate online communities of people that love your brand Specialties: Internet Marketing Consulting, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Advertising.You can contact me via Skype: affan.manzoor