Michael Elsner




For over 20 years I've made my living as a musician.  To say that I've been blessed in my career is an understatement.  Not only has music allowed me to travel the world, but it's brought me a lot of personal freedom as well. 

With over 2000 placements of original music in TV shows, film trailers, commercials, etc., I was fortunate to have discovered early on in my career the creative freedom, and financial freedom, music licensing provides. Looking back on my career thus far, I've accomplished way more than I ever dreamed I would, and music licensing has been at the heart of that.

I'm driven not only by my passion for creating music, but also by my passion for inspiring and helping other musicians pursue their passions and achieve their dreams.

My goal here is to provide a resource for musicians, and open up a door that will allow them to create a consistent income stream with their music through music licensing.  I want to give them the tools that will allow them experience the incredible satisfaction that comes from knowing that their songs are being heard by millions of people every day.

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  • Over 2000 Song Placements

  • Award-Winning Artist

  • Multi-Platinum Album Recipient

  • Session Guitarist

  • Touring Guitarist