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James Dean
Nov 17, 2017

I have been working for a company as a Senior Executive for over an year now. My job is to close business loan deals. Even a week before I started working here, I had no idea of what I would do in life and what I'm good at. I applied here after a friend recommended. This job requires me to be on calls the whole office hours and handling customer relationships, including objections. After a month of working, I felt a strong passion towards this job which is there till date. By the end of second month, I became the Best Performing Rep., which became regular for me till sixth month when I got promoted to be the Executive. Things got even better for both me and my company from then. Now I'm the Best Revenue Producing Officer for my company since last 5 months. My journey was not as smooth as it seems. Many objections, obstacles and hard times came my way. But my passion, dedication and support from management turned it into a simple task. Till date, I have been able to get going only because of my passion for the job I do for a living. In my opinion, that's the secret of being successful in any field.

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How did you get promoted?

Nov 20, 3:42AM EST0

Hi Dupy. I got my promotion because of my performance, discipline and management skill. Thank you.

Nov 20, 6:08AM EST0

Are you closing a B2B or a B2C account?

Nov 19, 1:57AM EST0

Hi James. It's B2B accounts only. Thank you.

Nov 19, 7:05AM EST0

What is the major challenge you face with your customers?

Nov 18, 3:31AM EST0

Hi Joseph. Good question. The major challenge I face with my customers is when they give out their documents to brokers and the broker lie to keep them hooked to themselves. It gets very tough to make them see the real picture and not have unrealistic expectations. Thank you.

Nov 18, 9:30AM EST0

What's the average of business loans you close in a week?

Nov 17, 9:22PM EST0

Hi Eleyn. Good question. I close from 10 to 15 loans in a week. Thank you. 

Nov 17, 9:40PM EST0

where are you from?

Nov 17, 12:28PM EST0

Hi Ms. Goodie. I am from Albany, New York. Thank you.

Nov 17, 12:33PM EST0

Do you have a website? If you have please do share. 

Nov 17, 11:07AM EST0

Hi Paul. I am sorry, but I don't have any website. Thank you.

Nov 17, 11:14AM EST0

How do you handle irrate customers and close a sale or contract with them?

Nov 17, 8:53AM EST0

Hi Joanna, nice question. Since my job is to handle clients' relationship, I always focus on the situation and objections of an unsatisfied customer. I try my best to suggest few solutions to their objections and comply with their situation. Thank you.

Nov 17, 11:14AM EST0

Do you read books about marketing? If yes, what is your favorite?

Nov 17, 3:12AM EST0

Hi Nicz. Good question. Though I thought of reading some books but couldn't manage since my time is divided between my job and uni. Thank you.

Nov 17, 11:11AM EST0

How did you feel after being promoted ?

Nov 16, 6:35AM EST0

Hi Heenal. I felt respected, closer to my goal and loads of responsibilites on my shoulders which may turn into big success if I can handle those well. Thank you.

Nov 16, 8:18AM EST0

How do you overcome objections from a customer especially about pricing?

Nov 15, 12:23AM EST0

Hi Agnesph. Usually, Sales Reps have certain rebuttals based on the objections from clients that includes pricing. But since I'm the Relationship Manager, I made my own way of handling objections. Since it's about selling business loan so, the most common objection from client was about pricing. Now this job requires me to be honest to my clients and also sell the loans for the company. So I figured that if I just go out and tell them the numbers, I would have very less success. So I decided to apply my own strategy; if I build a good relationship with the clients and gain some sort of command on them, my chances of deal closing would be high. So I tried that and got great results. With time, it just kept getting better. Thank you.

Nov 16, 8:16AM EST0

Is it addictive to work in sales?

Nov 14, 9:27PM EST0

Hi Kovthe. Good question. I would say it depends on an individual and his/her performance. If you can't perform well enough, it might get you demotivated and reconsider your career move. But on the brighter side, if you can perform consistently then there are so many oppurtunities and so much money that you might get addicted. Thank you.

Nov 16, 7:14AM EST0

What did you dream of being as a kid?

Nov 14, 9:00PM EST0

Hi Kovthe. As a kid, I have always wanted to be a well reputed businessman. Thank you.

Nov 16, 7:08AM EST0

Do you remember your first call? How was it?

Nov 14, 8:13PM EST0

Hi Joseph, my first call was over in October 2016 when I joined as a Sales Rep. I had no experience and was very nervous with numerous thoughts on mind. But luckily, the first call I took connected me to a gentle and polite merchant who told me very nicely that he was not ready for financing. I took a sign of relief and had my feet on the ground for the first time. Thank you. 

Nov 16, 7:07AM EST0

What is the hardest thing you have sold?

Nov 14, 11:33AM EST0

Hi George. The hardest I ever sold was time, hope and confidence. Before you think otherwise, let me explain. I had to sell a loan to a merchant who was almost rejected due to financial status but he cried to me when he applied saying if he doesn't get the money then he would have to sell his business and go bankrupt. I was so moved by it and spoke to one funder about his file. The funder moved forward relying on my confidence of what I requested. The merchant was funded. But I had to wait a month to see if he was able to make money out of it and get back on track. I just hoped that everything goes well. One month was over and I spoke to the merchant. And guess what? He made lot more money than he had estimated. He was happy and we were happy. The merchant also gifted me a watch for giving him that care and service.  Thank you.

Nov 16, 6:09AM EST0

What is the sale that you will always remember and why?

Nov 14, 10:56AM EST0

Hi Lazar. There is one sale which I will always remember. I attempted to close a deal of a gentleman who already rejected it when he got it from my co-worker. So per instruction, I made the attempt to close it. When I called the merchant, we had a brief talk since he was about to head into a meeting and he told me that he would call me back once he is done with it. I waited but he never called. The following day, he called at my office and I was out of office for the day due to some emergency. So when the Sales Rep. told him that I wasn't in the office, the merchant requested to get him transferred to my cell which my rep. did after my permission. So I spoke to him while I was on the road and had to check his approval from my phone and then close it successfully. I was very surprised as to how he said yes to me when he had rejected it last time. I asked him about it out of curiosity. He explained that it was only because of my professionalism, polite and informative approach. He also thanked me for giving him time and that gentleman ended up taking two more loans from me. Thank you.

Nov 16, 6:00AM EST0

Have you managed a team?

Nov 14, 10:55AM EST0

Hi Tamara, good day to you. I have been managing a team since the past 3 months. Thank you.

Nov 14, 12:55PM EST0

What is the funniest objection you ever got from a client and what did you answer?

Nov 14, 10:31AM EST0

Hi Shilpa, good day to you. Since I handle the client relations, I get lots of objections from clients almost everyday. I don't keep these in my head for long but I can share the most recent one. So this gentleman applied for a business loan with us few days back. So I got his documents and saw that his file would get declined from underwriting and reached out to him regarding that. When I informed him about it, he himself said that he knew he would be rejected because of the high risk involved in the funding and every other company rejected his application. Now because of the relation and access I have with funders, I was able to get an approval from one high risk specialized funder. Once I informed the client about it, his tone changed and he started having unrealisitic expectations. I tried explaining that I cared for him so that we can build a business relationship but he just didn't have the time to listen. Finally I gave him an email containing the breakdown of the situation in simple words. The next day he responded with an apology and we funded his business the day after. Thank you.

Nov 14, 12:54PM EST0

What would you say is the best bonus/commission structure to keep a team motivated?

Nov 14, 10:28AM EST0

Hi Faye, good day to you. According to me, the best bonus structure should not only be based on the numbers but also the amount of effort put by the team. Because, everyone works to generate revenue for the company and also earn for themselves through commission. So the calculation should be based not only on the number but also on the quality of the deals. Since, different deals requires different types of effort, the team tries it's best to have a positive outcome. So if we also look into this factor, a team would definitely get what they deserve and be more willing to work harder. Thank you. 

Nov 14, 12:17PM EST0

Do you plan to do that forever?

Nov 14, 8:55AM EST0

Hi Diana, good day to you. Well it's not my long term plan to be in the Sales and Marketing sector. But since I'm not graduated yet, this seems to be the best choice for me right now. Once I graduate, I would definitely work in the financial sector. Thank you.

Nov 14, 12:08PM EST0

What is the best motivation for a salesman?

Nov 14, 8:52AM EST0

Hi Zoran, good day to you. In my opinion, the best motivation is that everyday is a new opportunity to prove yourself. If you have the confidence, you will definitely find a way to show what you're capable of. If we focus on our work and improve ourselves, good results would always come our way. Hope that was of help. Thank you.

Nov 14, 12:06PM EST0
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