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Muhammed Alattar
Dec 5, 2017

Because the future is digital… and all businesses want to connect with the right customers at the right time with the right offer.

Most of the companies in Turkey are still wondering how they can connect and sell to the Arabic market in a sustainable strategy. They want to learn how they can achieve a sustainable record of sales and make strategic decisions about the Arabic marketlike they do with the Turkish market.

And we're here to help!

The Complete Guide to:

How Internet Can Help Sell to Arabs, Inside and Outside Turkey.

This guide was built on the following structure:

First: Where are we now? We'll define the current situation, what are the problems and what are the opportunities?

Second: How digital marketing can help solve the problems and seize the opportunities? What can we achieve with digital marketing? And thus, what kind of goal can we achieve with digital marketing?

Third: What are the tools we can use in digital marketing to achieve this goal?

Fourth: What are the benefits if we achieve this goal?


Let's begin with the current problems:

1- Bad communications: Communication is the heart of any marketing effort, online or offline.

2- Bad internet infrastructure: We’ll explain what technical, cultural, and languageproblems do websites, marketing campaigns and data analytics have.

3- Personal/Inhouse digital marketing efforts: Because it seems very easy to run campaigns on the famous advertising platforms, and one Arabic guy can do it all!

4- Companies can't define what success is: and how to reach it, as I said, in sustainable approach.

Let's dive deeper now;



1- Communications:

This is the heart of any marketing effort, THIS IS NOT ARABIC ladies and gentlemen, this is a language we “Arabs” don't understand, and sometimes sentences can be in Arabic but translated literally from Turkish using google translate and it will be something like " calısıyorun bana sirkettim yolda".

Also, sometimes non-specialist Arabic native speakers write the content and ads, and unfortunately, their managers think this is the right way. But it is not!

2- The previous problem is leading us to "Bad Internet Infrastructure":

Website content will be misleading/unclear/poor user experience, so customer will leave immediately to the next-door competitor.

And of course, the ads will send the wrong message, which the marketing manager have been working on for a long time. And very few customers will come.

3- Personal/In-house Marketing Optimization: Because Turkish companies are not really considering the importance of using both native Arabic language and Arabic experience. I'm going to explain that later.

Globally after using in-house teams “79% of B2B managers and leaders reported noticeable skill gaps in the teams they manage, ranging from data analysis to core digital marketing techniques to customer insights.” Source.

This data shows us why companies whom work with agencies are more successfulonline than companies using in-house teams.  

4- Can’t Define What Success is

The mother of all problems, Turkish companies find it really difficult to define what success is, because they are not using Arabic digital experts, they have a lot of data but no one to analyze this data and transform it into decisions.

Another reason, for example, one Turkish company have one very good Arabic salesman, but still can't and shouldn't manage the online efforts, because inside the digital world one person can’t do all the tasks, you might find good content writer but not a good advertiser.

In total, companies will lose a lot of potential customers that the next-door competitor will acquire, because he started to hire Arabic experts.


BUT! There are “Opportunities” to seize:

1- In Turkey, you can find now digital Arabic experts and agencies whom can take it to the next level with all the digital efforts.

2- Big Arabic market online to serve, in which we will see by numbers.



1- Work with agencies, why?

- Advertising agencies manage millions of dollars in monthly ad spend. As a result, advertising platforms help them deliver the best results possible to clients. Source

- 75% of marketers say their lack of skills is impacting revenue. Source

2- The Arabic Online Market

- Huge e-commerce market

- Arabic world growing investments and spending in Turkey

- Turkey is the second best country to Arabs, after their home Countries

Now let's talk in more details


- E-Commerce on the Arabic World

The good news is e-commerce in the Arabic world is growing like crazy, according to Payfort’s state of payment 2016 Report:

1- In 2017, E-Commerce Market Will Grow to 51$B

2- In 2015, E-Commerce Reached 39$B

3- In 2016, E-Commerce Grown by 14%

Good news for all retailers in Turkey, right?


- Arabs and Turks relationships

1- Abu Dhabi Investment Group chairman said that they will invest 100$B in the real estate sector, during 2017. Source

2- Tourists increase 450% on 2014, what does it mean?

We all know that foreign investors and customers begin their buying journey in the foreign country by tourism. They come to the country as tourists first, and begin to discover and touch everything they need. So this increasing ratio "450%" means that more and more customers are visiting turkey every year, and Turkish companies can use some marketing efforts to help guide these tourists toward their products. Source

3- In general, trading volume between Turkey and GCC countries is very good with 16$B, which means that Turkish products are so welcome inside the GCC countries as well. And all turkish companies are invited to start trading with the GCC market. Source


- Why Turkey is second best after our home countries:

1- Low Prices

2- Big Profits

3- The Democratic Structure of Turkey

4- Proximity to the Arab World

5- Common Religion and Culture

6- Its natural and historical aesthetic


NOW! We know the problems and we know the opportunities, the question is how Digital Marketing can help solve the problems and seize the opportunities?

Increase the Demand for Turkish Products, and Connect with the Arabic Buyers Each Time it Happens.

New technologies can help reach almost everybody who uses internet in the GCC,and start to send the companies' messages from brand awareness up to the buying stage, where customers perform their buying process, inside and outside turkey.

This is not a dream! This is reality because most of the companies aren't making any stable sales to the Arabs in general. So, when they can expand their market to sell to Arabs with a sustainable strategy, they'll be already increasing demand for Turkish products.

But how?

We need to establish a solid connection with the Arabic market. By solving the problems and seizing the opportunities we can:

1- Build and manage the company’s internet infrastructure with Arabic experts whom know the customers culture, language, and buying behaviors along with big internet experience.

2- After that companies need to connect to the market directly, not through brokers or overseas agents.

3- Turkish companies must have highly trained personnel who can continue serving the customer after converting from the internet.  


1- The Internet Infrastructure:

- Responsive Website


- Analytics

- Digital Advertising

- Social Media

- a/b testing


2- Connect to the Market:

After we setup the infrastructure, we head to the market to start selling with four steps:

  • First step is to research the potential market, to answer questions like: What people are looking for, how they want to consume the products, what is their behavior, what is the purchasing power, what are the competitors doing, and so on…
  • Then second step is to analyze this data and answer questions like: Can we satisfy their needs, how close are we to their demands, can they afford our products, is the marketing campaign feasible to us… etc.
  • Third step is to start testing the market to get the actual data and see how much the company is close to its sales target. This is a/b testing, which can help to discover both problems and opportunities before investing in big numbers.
  • Fourth step is to start selling officially and treat the new market as another primary market like the domestic one for example.

Please note, that this is a loop, which means we're always researching for new opportunities or testing new strategies or new customer segments or new landing pages…  


3- Customer Care

This is the company's part fully, because after the internet infrastructure is structured, the company needs to deal with its customers through highly trained personnel both on sales and customer care, and it needs a solid CRM system.



Now, after all that what are the benefits:

1- Companies don't have to guess the next marketing step, or the next sales approach. Every question is answered already with data and numbers.

2- Sure, new markets are served and business is developed.

3- Customers' needs are increased and satisfied, at any time they demand.


On the internet, Every Success Relies on Data!

Let's connect:

- LinkedIn: goo.gl/XQWWke

- Email: attar.mhd@gmail.com

To view the full presentaion click on the link:

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Is your system only applicable to Arabs and people from Turkey?

Dec 15, 4:53AM EST0

Do you offer any job opportunities online?

Dec 8, 10:34PM EST0

Are Turk businesses having difficulties in selling to the Arab market right now?

Dec 7, 8:17PM EST0

How is digital marketing considered better compared to traditional marketing practices?

Dec 7, 5:36PM EST0

How much is the usual investment when I want to start developing digital marketing strategies for my company?

Dec 7, 10:58AM EST0

Do offline businesses such as groceries or local stores benefit from digital marketing?

Dec 6, 12:52PM EST0

Is your system only applicable to Arabs and people from Turkey?

Dec 5, 2:27PM EST0

Hello Elena,

My system is applied worldwide not only to Arabs or Turks.

Dec 6, 12:28PM EST0

How soon can I expect results after digital marketing strategies have been applied by my company?

Dec 5, 10:27AM EST0

Hello Faye,

If applied well, you should expect results by the second week and so on.

Dec 6, 12:27PM EST0

Do I really have to work with an agency or can I just hire professionals individually to help me out with my digital marketing for my company?

Dec 5, 9:12AM EST0

Hello Jayhansen,

The answer is based on your business size and needs.

We can speak further through my LinkedIn account, and I can give you consultation.

Dec 6, 12:27PM EST0

Is it difficult to learn all about digital marketing and does it really take so much time?

Dec 5, 8:14AM EST0

Hello Syed,

It's not a rocket science to learn about digital marketing, but you should be eager to learn more everyday.

Click this link and you'll learn everything you need as a start:


Dec 6, 12:16PM EST0

Why is there a special study on digital marketing for Arabs? Is it different compared to other countries?

Dec 5, 8:14AM EST0

Hello Ashiqur,

There's no difference between Arabs or any other culture on the web.

You only need to understand your market and analyze your data.

Dec 6, 12:14PM EST0

Should I invest on the current marketing executives I have in my company to learn about these digital marketing practices?

Dec 5, 7:12AM EST0

Hello Orobinson,

Maybe you can test the investment with your current employees, but keep the professional agencies on the other hand. Because your current employees might be an excellent corrdinators between your company and the agency.

Dec 6, 12:13PM EST0

Can you share some best practices on how you can convince non-techy people from Turkey to turn digital for their business?

Dec 5, 6:40AM EST0

Hello Ivy,

You can show your client past successful stories for the same industry in the same country using digital marketing.

Or you can convience the client to invest in small budgets and measure the results.

And I'm sure you can create your own marketing pitch, but one thing to remember: Try to show your client how's the competitors are using digital marketing to grow their business very fast.

Dec 6, 12:11PM EST0

Is there any online course I can start taking that will teach me all I need to know about digital marketing?

Dec 5, 5:09AM EST0

Hello Peggy,

Here's a course from Google that can help you:



Dec 6, 12:08PM EST0

Is there a link I can visit that will show me actual figures of how this digital marketing practice has already worked for other Turk companies?

Dec 5, 3:52AM EST0

Hello Xavila,

Unfortunately I can't show you this kind of numbers as it's confidential.

However, you can read successful stories it might help you out.

Dec 6, 12:07PM EST0

Numbers don’t lie - if I can’t show numbers to my client yet as we haven’t started in digital marketing for his company, how else can I convince him that digital marketing is the way to go?

Dec 5, 3:43AM EST0

Hello William,

You can show your client past successful stories for the same industry in the same country using digital marketing.

Or you can convience the client to invest in small budgets and measure the results.

Dec 6, 12:05PM EST0

I work as a marketing executive for a large corporation that still practices traditional marketing methods; what’s the best way to position to my boss that we already need to start going digital?

Dec 4, 11:15PM EST0

Hello Revans,

From your perspective you can speak about how you can measure EVERYTHING in digital marketing. You can measure every pence and see if it worked or didn't. Plus you can get an immediate feedback from your customers, and a lot more...

Dec 6, 11:58AM EST0

Is digital marketing only beneficial to e-commerce companies or can my personal website and YouTube channel also benefit from it?

Dec 4, 10:11PM EST0

Hello Jesa,

Everything you can put online you can monetize and benefit from it.

For example: You have a small shop with small website and moderate social media accounts; If you just put the right content (what's good for your customers) your customers base will grow for sure.

Is this answer good?

Dec 6, 11:55AM EST0

Do I really have to hire a digital marketing expert in my office or can I just get someone who can do this online?

Dec 4, 1:40PM EST0


This can goes according to your business size and your overall goals, but most of the times hiring a digital agency can save a lot of time and money, and enhance your business with more experiences.

Dec 4, 1:54PM EST0

I have a local clothes shop and planning to expand to an online business - can you recommend an agency I can hire for a reasonable price as I only have a small business?

Dec 4, 5:07AM EST0

Hello,Actually building internet assets for local shop is one of our favorite jobs. Before I can recommend any agency I need to know where do you operate your business, and your website so I can give you some solid help.

Dec 4, 1:52PM EST0
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