My background includes over 30 years in traditional media sales and management. Challenges in traditional media, and how to stand out in the noise. AMA!

Sheila Vaughn - Schleipfer
Feb 8, 2018

The “shift” is on!  Traditional media which once was tried and true for advertisers to rely on has changed, yet buyers continue to rely on radio, television and print.  What can your business do to stand out, and how does technology assist in this shift?  “Digital” is the new buzz, but how can just relying on digital hurt your business?  I help businesses realize their voice in the increasingly noisy media climate.  Creation of the proper tools to break through the clutter as well as maximize target audiences in the most effective ways!  Ask Me Anything!  

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How do you say traditional media advertising is still on?

Feb 11, 4:08PM EST0

What kinds of businesses are still relying on traditional media for their sales and management?

Feb 11, 7:17AM EST0

What is the best lead generation strategy according to you?

Feb 10, 9:30PM EST0

How do you think that the media and sales have changed in your 30 years of experience?

Feb 10, 6:37AM EST0

How do you see yourself in the next ten years?

Feb 9, 1:58PM EST0

Why according to you traditional media is still welcomed by the people?

Feb 9, 12:43PM EST0

What is the basic ideology behind Mas Creative Magic?

Feb 9, 12:29PM EST0

What are the best traditional media sources to use today?

Feb 9, 5:53AM EST0

What are the positive things you can see about the media sales today?

Feb 9, 3:35AM EST0

What are the best ways to utilize traditional media for maximizing target audience?

Feb 8, 8:22PM EST0

Good morning!  Well #1 is properly identifying your target audience.  Then you take a look at that demographic to identify how they consume media.  An older demo might still read the newspaper, while a middle aged person may be impressed upon more with a city magazine and out of home...  drilling down to those questions is what I always suggest...  So many factors that play into making those decisions... and also budget.  If you feel like you can share, please let me know what the products, target market and timeframe might be!  I'd be happy to assist... 

Feb 9, 11:26AM EST0

Thanks all this was fun!  I hope to join in other AMA conversations to learn more about the amazing marketing topics out there!  Have a great day!  

Feb 8, 12:21PM EST0

Why do you think digital media has gained so much reception in the recent times?

Feb 8, 4:50AM EST0

Good morning!  Thanks for your question.  Digital media for the most part is new...  truly about 15 years in the making.  I believe the primary reason why it is so desired, is for as long as advertising has been about, it has had a difficult time being 'truly' measured.  Digital media changed all that.  You can see and measure where your efforts are coming from.  However, it is not flawless.  We are now experiencing flaws in reporting through mis-calculation of true data.  

Feb 8, 11:08AM EST0

What will be the ideal mix-up proportion of traditional vs. digital for successful marketing?

Feb 7, 7:03PM EST0

I really believe this depends on a whole lot of factors determining what the business or organization is looking to do.  So many questions to ask in the scenario of honing in on the right program for the client.  When I sit down with a new client, I go through a very calculated process of discovering what they want to achieve, what they  have done (if anything) in the past, who they want to target, and if money was no object, what would they imagine doing to promote their business.  It is a very tedious discovery process that again, I cannot stress enough to choose wisely 'both' sides of media to achieve.  

Feb 8, 11:14AM EST0

What are the negative impacts of digital media on traditional media?

Feb 7, 4:59PM EST0

A lot of business owners had the impression that transitioning all of their marketing dollars into what they thought 'now we have something that is measureable' mentality really wreaked havoc on the reality of running their businesses...  You have to 'remind' people to find you in the digital space.  This, at the beginning had a huge impact on traditional media.  The shifting of budgets truly effected TV, Radio and Print drastically.  But in the outcome, what it has done in a positive way, is made these tried and true media outlets adjust.  If you think about 'way back in the day' television for instance.  It was not allowed to have a 'branded product' in a show of any kind.  That Coke can was blurred out if it appeared in a show.  Because of the shift to digital, and the ability for consumers to DVR over commercials, eliminating them and their potential impressions altogether, things had to change.  Now, product placement is what its all about!  The restriction of brands being built into programming now exists to combat that issue, because many major brands were canceling schedules due to declining impressions of commercials.  Coke pays huge 'product placement' sponsorship revenues to the Voice, (just for an example) to be in the hands of Blake Shelton, everytime he takes a sip...  

Feb 8, 11:24AM EST0

What is the current state of print media in marketing? What are the ways to improve print media?

Feb 7, 4:52AM EST0

I truly believe there will always be a place for print media.  No matter how you slice it, people still want to see 'tangible' media.  It has shifted however... Rather than a broad appeal, like the daily newspapers, broad magazine content, and other wide spread publications, these declining readership pubs, are being forced to find a niche.  Rather than trying to appeal to 'everyone'. they are shifting and hyperfocusing and fine tuneing their direction to target specific audiences.  I also believe that a combination of the (tangable) print piece and digital version with technology elements to keep the reader engaged is where things are going...  

Feb 8, 11:29AM EST0

Which is the best platform to launch a new digital product? Why?

Feb 7, 4:42AM EST0

I would have to ask a couple of questions.  What type of digital product? Who are you trying to reach with it? Is it specific, regional, national, global?  There are so many factors that are unknown's with that question, I would have to have a conversation to try and understand what your target is.  

Feb 8, 11:32AM EST0

What is your company’s strategy in sponsorship procurement? What kinds of sponsorships can you procure?

Feb 7, 3:28AM EST0

Currently, we have a NASCAR Race Team, and we are the Agency of Record for one of the most recognized Motor Vehicle Marketing companies, BIGFOOT Monster Truck.  In the past, a lot of the sponsors for both of these entities have been very male driven, very motorsports related, for instance, oil companies, motor parts, Insurance Companies, etc., and now, with how our media climate has shifted, we at MAS, see a future for these types of marketing tools on a more mainstream level.  Eyeballs are eyeballs!  NASCAR is the #1 most watched sport in the world.  With an average of over 4 million television viewers per race, with up to 100,000 active viewers in the stands, and engaged audiences at the event, there is a massive  opportuny to engage for all types of brands.  From female, to male young and old...  its all about making that impression!  And, couple that with the most powerful tool in the palm of everyones hand, their smart devices become vehicles to immediately do something about what they are experiencing or seeing!  Search, scan, purchase and reserve! 

Feb 8, 11:42AM EST0

What is the role of events in maximizing sales and business?

Feb 7, 3:11AM EST0

For any company, I truly believe events make it possible for that entity to engage with their core audience.  Whether it be a 'grand opening', product viewing, or just an introduction to the people that make it all happen for a company... events make it real!  And real is where its at today.  People want to do business with people they like!  This is a great opportunity to show off, listen to what your customers may want, and get on a level of engagement that truly speaks to the potential consumer of your products and services!  

Feb 8, 11:45AM EST0

What is your advice to the companies relying only on traditional or digital media?

Feb 6, 10:46PM EST0

I have a saying in this business:  "If you don't invite me to dinner, I'm not coming!"  Digital is great, but you have to consistently remind a consumer how to find you... and traditional media does that very well.  And visa versa...  You must find a balance of both!  

Feb 8, 11:47AM EST0

Who are your clients? How do you get them?

Feb 6, 3:10PM EST0

30 years in this business, my clients have come from many different avenues.  I still cold call to this day.  I've been blessed in having the ability to identify need and creativity has been my greatest asset in truly uncovering ideas to fill those needs.  I have sold all types of media's, and have worked with thousands of businesses large, small, local to international.  They all have one underlying need.  The desire to win in their business.  If you truly listen to what their desires are for their businesses, 'they' will tell you how to fulfill their need.  My clients come from everywhere.  

Feb 8, 11:53AM EST0
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