Millennial Marketing Director that recently launched a non-profit geared towards the empowerment of women - ask me anything!

Danielle Ebaugh
Feb 8, 2018

Women Rise Albuquerque was started with the advancement of local women in mind.


Through recognition, support, and education, we provide women with tools for development. We believe in linking all women of the community together - regardless of race, religion, age, or education level. We provide mechanisms for women in all job sectors. Our goal is to be a useful tool for the community and to assist in the progress of the women of our state.

Check us out here or ask me anything! 

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How long was the process of setting up "Women Rise Albuquerque" and how did you friends and family support you?

Feb 10, 11:17AM EST0

What's your biggest concern in today's society that is specifically related to women and their concerns?

Feb 10, 7:09AM EST0

What's going to be your focus in women development in your community llike education, health, finanance oe anything specific?

Feb 10, 6:35AM EST0

How old is your initative? How did you start it?

Feb 9, 6:08AM EST0

We launched on November 1st and started gaining members strictly through word of mouth. We had a launch party with prizes, snacks, and a DJ at a local brewery which really helped us gain traffic! 

Feb 9, 10:49AM EST1

What are the main activities of Women Rise Albuquerque?

Feb 9, 5:52AM EST0

We host a monthly speaker series, a quarterly networking event, a quarterly volunteer event, and other variable events throughout the year. For our speaker series, we let the featured speaker choose a topic that is important to them and relative to our mission. We like to keep this open because it allows us to create meaningful conversations and reiterates our message of inclusivity! 

Feb 9, 10:48AM EST0

Why do you think it’s important for people to have a good networking? Does it improve their lives or jobs in any way?

Feb 9, 5:46AM EST0

What has been the impact of Women Rise within the Albuquerque community?

Feb 9, 3:32AM EST0

Since we are so new, it is hard to give a tangible example of our impact. However, we have been able to impact many women that have joined as members and attended our events, as well as assist other groups in their mission! 

Feb 9, 11:10AM EST0

How old has to be an individual in order to participate in Women Rise Albuquerque’s events?

Feb 8, 5:17PM EST0

There is no age restriction, however, some events have been held at local breweries, which is at their jurisdiction. If we feel a topic is going to be sensitive or opinion-charged, we provide a fair parental guidance warning. Otherwise, women and girls of all ages are welcome! 

Feb 8, 5:24PM EST0

What was your personal inspiration to start working on a project like this?

Feb 8, 4:33PM EST0

My personal inspiration was my own experience as a woman in the workforce. I felt a lack of an organization like this in Albuquerque, and if you don't like something, change it! Even as the leader I still benefit immensely from our member perks, and I always have something new to learn! 

Feb 8, 5:22PM EST0

Would you consider that this initiatives could have a real impact within societies?

Feb 8, 9:43AM EST0

Definitely! I believe that right now, women’s issues are at the forefront of our nation’s conversations. I think that women are more engaged, energized, and resolute than ever. This has tremendously affected our growth – women are feeling the sense of togetherness and are very inspired to uplift each other and give back to the community – we can feel that and are so proud to be a part of it!

Feb 8, 10:39AM EST0

Did you ever consider expanding to other cities, states or even countries?

Feb 8, 6:06AM EST0

Absolutely! Being just 3 months old, we are barely getting our feet wet, but my vision for Women Rise Albuquerque is to bring this nationwide, as it is relevant to every community of women! 

Feb 8, 10:37AM EST1

How do you measure progress of women who are part of the Women Rise group? What statistics do you use?

Feb 7, 7:03PM EST0

So many members in our group are in different stages of their lives and have different career goals, so it is hard to measure or use statistics. We take feedback from members to enhance their experience and do our best to provide a collaborative, effective community! 

Feb 8, 10:37AM EST0

Did your life change since you started being part of Women Rise? How so?

Feb 7, 5:04PM EST0

Absolutely! Since launching the organization, I have felt such a deeper connection to Albuquerque. I've always cared about the status of our city and the advancement of women, but now I am even more determined to make a positive difference. 

Feb 7, 5:06PM EST0

How many events do you schedule per month? What are the most common/important topics that you handle?

Feb 7, 2:28PM EST0

We host a monthly speaker series, a quarterly networking event, a quarterly volunteer event, and other variable events throughout the year. For our speaker series, we let the featured speaker choose a topic that is important to them and relative to our mission. We like to keep this open because it allows us to create meaningful conversations and reiterates our message of inclusivity! 

Feb 7, 3:37PM EST0

What specific mechanisms do you provide to women and how do they help them?

Feb 7, 4:52AM EST0

We host a monthly speaker series with a local female leader. We allow her to speak about any topic that is important to her and useful for our members. We also have a quarterly volunteer opportunity, which helps members build their resume and reach their philanthropic goals. We host fun quarterly networking events, such as wine and paint nights, which allow members to meet one another and enjoy themselves. We also have non-regular events such as headshot parties, career fairs, lunch and learns, and more. Finally, all of our events are held at local businesses, which allows us to give back to the community and give exposure to our city's best of the best! 

Feb 7, 1:20PM EST0

What would you say is the key for public recognition for this kind of projects?

Feb 7, 4:43AM EST0

That is a great question! For us, it was submitting press releases online and reaching out to people one on one to let them know what we were launching. Word of mouth is powerful. Within our first couple weeks of social media posting, we gained interest from the local news, magazines, and other organizations. 

Feb 7, 1:15PM EST0

What are your main focus when delivering education? How are those individuals approached?

Feb 7, 3:29AM EST0

We try to stay as open and inclusive as possible! For our speaker series, we allow the speaker to talk about anything they want to - whether that be career oriented, personal, a struggle, a success - we strive to be an organization that brings people together and provides raw, real life information to our members. 

Feb 7, 1:13PM EST0

How do you see Women Rise Albuquerque in the next upcoming years?

Feb 7, 3:11AM EST0

My vision for Women Rise Albuquerque is to have a community based, multi-use center in downtown Albuquerque in the next 5-10 years. 

Feb 7, 1:05PM EST0

What were the key challenges you encountered before starting Women Rise Albuquerque - that may have triggered or inspired you more to push through with the project?

Feb 7, 2:27AM EST0

I was part of other organizations that I didn't feel were giving me what I was seeking - just repetitive and stagnant meetings. I felt that we could do SO much better for the community and could provide women, including myself, tools for growth and opportunities to advance themselves no matter what stage of life they were in. I believe that if you don't like something, it's up to you to change it!

Feb 7, 1:05PM EST0

Do you have any alliances with other projects so far?

Feb 6, 3:10PM EST0

Yes, we have teamed up with several other networking and women's groups in Albuquerque and collaborated on events! We don't see ourselves as competition, rather a partner. We believe Albuquerque is a rapidly changing city and we are so proud to be a part of that growth. 

Feb 7, 1:03PM EST0
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