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Philip Peredo
Apr 13, 2018

I have owned for the past six years in Las Vegas. During this time, I have also been performing stand-up comedy. In a prior life, I owned several business process outsourcing and procurement businesses and I was heavily involved in campaign and electoral politics.  I speak four languages and I have lived in northern New Jersey, Maryland, Manila, Venezuela, Spain, and China. 

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do you laugh at your own jokes? And do you think it is a comedians job to make people laugh? Or feel better through humour?
Apr 19, 2:27PM EDT0
In your pantheon of comedians, who are the funniest and most important and why?
Apr 19, 2:56AM EDT0
In one of the interviews, you shared that you moved to comedy when your wife left you. How difficult was the situation back then? How did comedy help you get over the grief?
Apr 17, 9:54AM EDT0
How do you like to evaluate success in everything you do? Do you think your ability to communicate on a lighter sense helps your clients get comfortable and listen to you more?
Apr 16, 10:23AM EDT0
How long do you spend developing new material? Does it take alot of time and effort or are you natural at it?
Apr 16, 8:15AM EDT0
With the recent economy in a slump, what cost saving tips would you have for a new entrepreneur?
Apr 15, 9:39AM EDT0
As a marketer, what is your greatest personal struggle or limitation in supervising others?
Apr 15, 6:03AM EDT0
What is your favorite place to hang out in LA? What is your favorite event in history and why?
Apr 14, 12:55PM EDT0
What types of jokes do you like telling? And what’s the worst response you have received from a joke? What happened?
Apr 14, 10:12AM EDT0
Who are your influences in comedy circuit? What qualities do other comedians have that you admire?
Apr 14, 6:05AM EDT0
What else do you think is left on your bucket list?
Apr 14, 3:40AM EDT0

Leaving a legacy

Apr 14, 3:42AM EDT0
Do you prefer doing different kinds of things for different kinds of businesses as opposed to staying in one business?
Apr 14, 3:33AM EDT0

I prefer focusing on one business at a time.

Apr 14, 3:42AM EDT0
What made you interested in standup comedy? Why did you decide to become a comedian?
Apr 14, 1:21AM EDT0

Divorce. Dealing with divorce.

Apr 14, 3:41AM EDT0
How do you describe your comedy style? Do you write your own material? If you could open for any comic, who would it be?
Apr 13, 2:11PM EDT0

Observational and ethnic is my comedy style. Yes. I write my own material. I would love to open for Jerry Seinfeld.

Apr 13, 5:27PM EDT0
The comedy world is not as comic as it looks. Why is there so much depression, sadness, addiction—in the comedy world?
Apr 13, 7:44AM EDT0

The more tragic the experience is, the funnier it can be. Example: I lost my virginity to my babysitter. (No need to applause) uncle jimmy was rough.

Apr 13, 5:28PM EDT0
What, to your mind, is the relationship of comedy to depression and suffering?
Apr 13, 5:52AM EDT0

It is the light in the hallway of darkness. When you can find the funny in your depression and suffering, then you will slowly make it out.

Apr 13, 5:30PM EDT0
How did the "Tickle Me Entertainment" business come about, and how exactly does it justify its name in the entertainment world?
Apr 13, 5:18AM EDT0

TickleMe Dntertainment started out of sheer necessity in Las Vegas. I moved to Las Vegas from New Jersey and had a son. I couldn’t travel anymore as a comedian, so I ended up starting my own entertainment company which began producing and marketing shows, managing talent, and event planning. It became a lucrative business.

Apr 13, 5:31PM EDT0
How do you select a product or business with which you want to become involved?
Apr 13, 2:00AM EDT0

You find a product or a business that aligns with your values and your passion.

Apr 13, 5:32PM EDT0
What are the current projects you are working at Tickle Me Entertainment?
Apr 12, 9:15PM EDT0

Currently, I co-produce the 2016 and 2017 Best Comedy Club and the Best Comedy Show in Las Vegas as voted on by the Las Vegas Review Journal. I also market the show Stripped with Carl LaBove at Bally’s. I book over 500 acts per year. And I also produce and market The Comedy at the Eclipse Theaters show. I have a marketing tool coming out called Show Marketing Pro – it is an automated marketing tool to help sell tickets for shows.

Apr 13, 5:35PM EDT0
Who do you think is your biggest competitor in the entertainment world? What differentiates your company?
Apr 12, 12:29PM EDT0

Currently, my competitors include Brad Gattetts Comedy Club at MGM and laugh factory at Tropicana. However, they only deal with a list and B list celebrity Comedians. My comedy show includes the funniest comedians in the country that have not received as much TV and film exposure, but are the most hilarious people in the country. Also, with regard to my marketing tool, there is no competition currently.

Apr 13, 5:38PM EDT0
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