Living and working in rural New Zealand and providing virtual business support worldwide. Why working remotely makes you happier. Ask me anything!

Danielle Bellamy: Thanks for your question. There's a couple of misconceptions the come to mind: I won't have to work as much or as hard if I'm remote. While there may not be anybody there to physically monitor how you use your time, this doesn't mean you'll be putti…

[AMA] Airmid solutions | Marc Resasco

Marc Resasco: No. Its not like that. I help every one who in need but I am more helpful towordes elderly because elder need more care. 
May 17, 2018

AMA with Nir Eyal on How to build habit-forming products and fight distractions

Nir Eyal: Addiction and habit-formation are not the same things. Addictions are always bad why habits can be helpful.

AMA Secrets of the Stock Market - Tactics and Tools the Big Guys Use to Get Killer Returns

Jacob Gabbard: Plain and simple.  Create an honest budget.  Find out where every penny is going and you will completely understand where you can cut costs, increase savings and maximize your financial power.

Hi, ask me anything food, drink, wine and tourism-related about Austria!

My name is Matthew Edgar. I'm a consultant who helps companies big and small with Technical SEO. Ask Me Anything!

Matthew Edgar: SEO will still be important. At its core, SEO is about making sure a company's website shows up when people search for something related to that website. That need to show up isn't going to change. What will change are the devices we use to conduct t…

A One Stop Solution for Cryptocurrency Exchange Business | AMA

Helga Bjarni: Mainly we are providing the security features for our clients to build cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Ask Me Anything on getting leads in service industry - Accountants, CPA firms, consulting,IT and Saas companies, engineering and other professional services firms who are interested in growing their business.

Raj Ganesan: Here is a good example of inadequate marketing and product mismatch. Ford motors entering Asian market. Ford decided to bring  cars designed for US consumption to south east Asia. They spent a lot of money marketing. It was a collasal  failure. Asian…

My name is Elka Hristova. I am the co-founder of DanceSport Education, an Arizona non-profit organization that brings the benefits of ballroom dance directly to the students, at their schools, in their classrooms. Ask me anything!

Elka Hristova: Why are art classes like dance so important for children in their younger years?  Dance and especially ballroom dance come with many benefits, which are so important for children in their younger years. The research: Early childhood matters! Children…
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