I'm Conner Pope, CEO of a Successful Web Marketing Consultancy "Popesites". We Transform Plain Websites into Marketing Tools that help SaaS Businesses Reach Millions of Users. AMA!

Conner Pope
Jul 26, 2017

Hello AMAFeed Users!

We've worked with companies from small to large to help build out a web marketing system that is attracts a niche crowd, engages the visitors upon entry, and finally converts the visitors into users of our clients' products.

We've grown from just a single web developer (me) to an established startup with a growing team of 10. We have a unique business structure and strategy that allows us to grow. Some of our upcoming milestones are:

  1. Secure seed-stage funding of $50,000
  2. Double current revenue by 6-month target date
  3. Reach our 100th client

I will try my best to answer every one of your questions. If you're interested in getting into entrepreneurship, or would like some insight on how I built up the company I did, ask away!

Here's a link to our website to check us out.

We're glad to have everyone on board! Looking forward to our event! :)

Conner Pope says:

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i want to know how you do content marketing?

Jul 27, 2:39PM EDT0

Hey everybody! Sorry for the delay, I've been having some troubles with my AMAFeed account. 

I'll be answering all the questions I can during my #AMA!

Jul 26, 6:36PM EDT0

What basic knowledge should come in handy when marketing businesses?

Jul 13, 3:20PM EDT1

I see you have ten employees. What are they all doing?

Jul 13, 3:11AM EDT35

Hi Travis! Thanks for asking.

Popesites is split into two departments as of now, Sales/Marketing and IT.

The majority of our team members fall under the IT side, and most are developers lead by our CTO. They do things like develop new software for our clients.

The sales team is growing, and is lead by a Vice President. He is building out sales processes, securing strategic partnerships, and more.

Jul 26, 6:38PM EDT36
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What has changed or shaped the way you think about what you do?

Jul 12, 9:49PM EDT1

At first, I started out building websites on my own, and that really limited my ability to develop websites for companies in need.

The biggest thing that has shaped who we are as a company, and who I am as a person is the idea to form partnerships with likeminded individuals.

With a team in place, we are able to scale up and support more and more clients.  

Jul 26, 6:39PM EDT0
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What does HootSuite offer and how does it help businesses attract customers?

Jul 12, 3:46PM EDT0

How does retargeting help in dramatically increasing conversions?

Jul 12, 10:05AM EDT0

What is the hardest stage in developing a marketing campaign?

Jul 12, 8:37AM EDT0

If there are any status quo in Marketing, which of them do you want to change?

Jul 12, 6:21AM EDT0

Which is the one marketing SaaS tool that does everything or has all the features required for web marketing?

Jul 12, 3:30AM EDT0

What are the current trend in the world of web marketing?

Jul 12, 2:50AM EDT1

What kind of help do you offer to businesses that are not yet web savvy?

Jul 12, 1:05AM EDT0

The biggest thing we do for non-web savvy businesses is help build an online profile for them. Many businesses are currently in digital transformation stages now, where they are creating everything online, from a website, social media accounts, engaging content, and more. 

The biggest thing we focus on bringing to those businesses is a web system that accounts for a total digital transformation.

Jul 26, 6:43PM EDT0

Which according to you are the most important SaaS marketing tools today?

Jul 12, 12:58AM EDT0

Are there any available online tutorials on Marketing you can recommend?

Jul 11, 9:05PM EDT0

What are some "rules of thumb" in the Marketing industry?

Jul 11, 5:27PM EDT0

What strategies do businesses use these days and to grow and expand?

Jul 11, 5:04PM EDT41

The biggest thing software companies do in the modern-day business environment to grow and expand is to secure stages of venture capital. Companies start small, and network as much as they can to gain team members, and paying customers.

Once a business shows proof of a team and profits, investors come in with capital investments that exponentially grow that business.

Jul 26, 6:45PM EDT65

How important are social nets for a business?

Jul 27, 1:52AM EDT46

What kind of experiences have you had using Optimizely?

Jul 11, 4:26PM EDT0

We work with Optimizely on several of our accounts. The primary function we focus on with Optimizely is A/B testing, making sure we get the right website performance based on the tests that we run.

Jul 26, 6:47PM EDT0

Ok, thanks

Jul 27, 12:05AM EDT0

What kind of changes do you anticipate in web marketing over the next five years?

Jul 11, 4:17PM EDT0

How would you rate google analytics as a SaaS marketing tool?

Jul 11, 4:14PM EDT0

How effective is a co-marketing campaign in generating leads and increasing sales?

Jul 11, 3:34PM EDT0
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