I’m Ayesha, working as a life insurance consultant in a Sri Lankan insurance company. AMA on the current and new trends on life insurance sector in Sri Lanka

Ayesha Jayasinghe
Dec 4, 2017

I am Ayesha Jayasinghe who is working as a life insurance consultant in Union Assurance (Union Assurance), a well reputed Sri Lankan insurance company for over 3 and ½ years now. I am the lead as well as the head consultant of a 15 member marketing team who are totally focused on introducing healthcare related life insuring policies to the community. My job role basically involves,

  1. Analyze the latest life insurance trends
  2. Define proper mechanisms to pitch the trends to the relevant communities
  3. Train the marketing team on pitching those to the proper community in the best way

Therefore I am totally up to date with the current and upcoming life insurance and healthcare related trends and its applicability to relevant communities. Feel free to ask me anything on this




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What is the strongest selling point for selling an insurance?

Dec 10, 9:39PM EST0

How do you promote your services on the market?

Dec 9, 10:47AM EST0

You have long been engaged in marketing. What is your main rule of the work?

Dec 9, 12:24AM EST0

What motivates you to do this type of job?

Dec 8, 8:44PM EST0

Which social networks are suitable for digital marketing?

Dec 8, 6:16PM EST0

What is your dream? Have you already done anything to make it a reality?

Dec 7, 8:15PM EST0

How did you start your career in this sphere?

Dec 7, 7:57PM EST0

How does your company cope with a competition in the market?

Dec 7, 11:01AM EST0

How do you define what works best to sell to different communities? Do you conduct tests, buy data or?

Dec 5, 6:40AM EST0

We have a separate research department at out head office. We conduct initial researches on the communities and define the policies based on that


Dec 6, 1:41PM EST0

Do you use social media to sell insurance? Is that a channel that works? Which ones work best if so?

Dec 5, 5:45AM EST1

We usually do not. Social media publicity is still not at a best level in Sri Lanka. Especially if you are focusing on professionals.

Dec 5, 10:00PM EST0

What is your financial goal in life? How do you plan to achieve it?

Dec 5, 4:37AM EST1

Currently I am a team lead. And there will be higher roles like a branch lead, zonal region lead and finally there is a high level planning director board of the company Target is to be a member of the high level planning director board


Dec 5, 10:03PM EST0

What are the questions one should ask when picking a life insurance?

Dec 5, 2:51AM EST0

Better to know on the followings

  1. Premium that you have to pay
  2. Life cover and its conditions
  3. Maturity benefits
Dec 6, 1:41PM EST0

What is the latest in life insurance trends? Does it differ much across countries?

Dec 5, 1:26AM EST0

The latest insurance trend is people consider insurance as an investment. With the SL government policies people are not required to pay the PAYEE tax (tax based on the income of the person) if the person pays for an insurance. And people consider lot on the maturity benefits


Dec 6, 1:43PM EST0

How did you start your career? Why did you choose marketing?

Dec 5, 12:09AM EST0

I started this caree just after graduating from the university. Because simply I love this

Dec 6, 1:44PM EST0

What marketing strategies are now particularly popular?

Dec 4, 11:36PM EST0

Any of a marketing strategy which has much client involvement at the site are very popular In Sri Lanka,

Dec 6, 1:46PM EST0

Why should I insure my life? What is the benefit of this?

Dec 4, 11:04PM EST0

Because simply anyone cannot assure on their life. If your life is lost, what happen to your dependents? Do you have save enough for them? If you are married what happen to your wife? Who will pay your debs if you have any? What happens to your children’s education? What if you are living with your parents, who are going to take care of them? That's why you need a life insurance. If something bad happens to you, it will take care of all the other things for you. 

In a life insurance, mainly if the life is lost, the named dependents will benefits the insured value of yours. And sometimes, you get the maturity bonus as well.


Dec 6, 1:55PM EST0

What childhood experience did you have that has influenced your choice of career?

Dec 4, 10:53PM EST0

None actually. I felt love with this career when I was at university :)

Dec 6, 1:56PM EST0

Do you have a life insurance yourself? How did you choose it?

Dec 4, 6:07PM EST1


Basically there are 3 concerns when selecting an appropriate life insurance. All other concerns lie under these 

  1. Premium that you have to pay
  2. Life cover and its conditions
  3. Maturity benefits
Dec 5, 10:05PM EST0

How does digital marketing help deal with a competition on the market?

Dec 4, 12:21PM EST1

Digital marketing is one of the most trending concepts in Sri Lanka. Digital advertising displays are the most popular category. Internet and mobile device marketing strategies can be mostly applied among the younger generations. But still the marker has not grown enough in Sri Lanka to attract people for the insurance sector with that. It’s always contact them and attract them through a face to face conversation or a demo presentation. Mostly insurance people are eager on contacting the clients through known channels.

Dec 4, 1:36PM EST0

Where do you get people to work with you, do they all work locally or remotely?

Dec 4, 5:17AM EST1

We have branches situated in most of the cities around Sri Lanka. I’m working in a branch which is near to Colombo (business capital of Sri Lanka). So every insurance advisor is selected within that area and they always work locally. Most of the times, its university fresh graduates, who will be selected for the jobs. But anyway there is no age limit to be an insurance advisor. If they are capable of marketing the concept to the relevant community properly, they will be hired after a proper interview series

Dec 4, 1:41PM EST0
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