I am Vince Massara; I help turn teachers into entrepreneurs. AMA about SEO and how to get Google to fall in love with your website.

Vince Massara
May 14, 2018

With all the talk about paid advertising through Facebook, Instagram, and everything else, people are forgetting (or ignoring) the importance of SEO. 

Whether you're a teacher selling teaching resources online, a side hustle startup, or a large company, getting free traffic from search engines is critical. AMA in regards to giving your site that needed SEO boost.  


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What are the prospective business opportunities that teachers can opt for?
May 21, 8:39AM EDT0
How do you know what will work for whom?
May 21, 4:10AM EDT0

A lot of SEO principles are quite universal in regards to keyword research and creating killer content. From there, SEO is a long-plan game, so you need to make sure you stick with something for a while. 

May 21, 5:45AM EDT0
What type of learning course would be "Blogging with a purpose"? What will you include in it?
May 20, 3:40PM EDT1

Good question. 

Without sitting down and properly brainstorming a course outline, I would include the following. 

  • I would start from the basics of finding your ideal customer and writing profiles for your target audience. 
  • Properly finding your niche 
  • Keyword research that matches
  • How to ensure your blog post finds its purpose
  • Writing content upgrades
  • How to solve reader problems 
  • Ensuring posts add value
May 20, 3:48PM EDT0
When you say blogging with purpose, what do you exactly mean? Do you mean someone who is starting to write a blog should strategies from the very beginning?
May 19, 8:31AM EDT0

I really do. 

Whilst it is easier said than done if you are starting your first ever blog, your blog needs to have a purpose if you ever want to make money from it. Your blog posts need to be there for a reason, not just content for the sake of content.

  • Targetting a particular reader
  • Developing your niche
  • Creating blog categories
  • Keyword research
  • Content writing with SEO in mind
  • Growing your list
  • Monetisation 

Your content needs to play its role in that system; it needs a purpose.

SEO works more and more over time, so the earlier you begin writing killer content, the better it is for your sites long-term gain.

At the moment, I help bloggers (not only teacher-bloggers) blog with a purpose. I am also toying with validating 'Blogging with a purpose' as an online course.

May 19, 8:59AM EDT0
What's more effective, SEO or SMO?
May 18, 8:19AM EDT0

I still rank SEO is more important than SMO, whilst we do sometimes search for answers on social media, Google and search engines are king for that. 

May 18, 8:38AM EDT0
How can one get his/her content across the larger audience with the help of SEO?
May 17, 9:41PM EDT0

Sorry for the quick reply, but the following is an idea of what you can do.

  • Finding the right keywords
  • Creating quality content
  • Adding the keyword in the URL, meta description, h1 title, h2 or h3 title, and in the first paragraph. 
  • Ensure your post is good enough to get organic backlinks 
May 20, 3:51PM EDT0
How long does it take an individual to learn SEO or is it necessary to learn an SEO course?
May 17, 8:21PM EDT0

You're always learning, mate. That is the beauty of it. There is always something to learn. I just started with Yoast and went on a need-to-know basis, the just-in-time learning style works for me but for some, they may need to prefer to put in a few weeks/months solid study. A lot depends on the course though. You can get started with the basics in not too much time at all. Even doing the basics will be better than nothing.

May 18, 8:42AM EDT0
What’s the history behind the term edupreneurs? Who coined this very interesting term?
May 16, 11:59PM EDT0

I am not actually sure of the exact origin. I have heard it been thrown about to describe teachers who have started selling resources online. I am taking over the term and giving it a broader meaning though! Every teacher should be an edupreneur! 

May 17, 12:24AM EDT0
How do you reach out to teachers and how can teachers reach out to you?
May 16, 7:36PM EDT0

I do a lot of my reach out through social networking, and online. Teachers who are looking to start a business is a tricky niche to track down though! Teachers usually get to me through my website, and through email vince@vincemassara.comAlthough, I am thinking of starting Udemy and a few other ways that people can get to me!

May 16, 8:50PM EDT0

How does one find a legitimate service that helps with SEO? So many companies claim to be "experts," but I highly doubt the quality of their services. 

May 16, 5:20PM EDT0

Good question!

  • This may seem counter-intuitive, is to NOT Google it hahaha. Odds are the best companies are swamped with orders from referrals so won't need an all-out assault on their own SEO.
  • Make sure you have your goals organised as to WHY you want better SEO
  • Ask your SEO agency questions (what is your process? what do you do when things go wrong? How do we communicate with each other? etc)
  • Depending on your budget, ask for results from similar budgets. 
  • Also, if they offer a "magic" solution or "secret system", run away
May 16, 6:38PM EDT0
What are your thoughts on Back Hat SEO?
May 16, 4:11PM EDT0

Hi!I am very anti-black hat. 

Even if you get past the guilt, you have to take the chance that you can continuously outsmart Google and everything they do to ensure black hat SEO doesn't fly.Furthermore, white hat techniques ensure that you're giving valuable content to your readers, which is what an online business should be all about 

May 16, 4:33PM EDT0
What are the pros and cons of getting free traffic on your website?
May 16, 3:40PM EDT0

Good question. Well for the pros of getting free traffic to your site

  • Higher conversions
  • More customers
  • Get your content in front of more eyes
  • Higher traffic to affiliates
  • Potential sponsored posts
  • Higher rates of online shares
  • People tend to trust things which they search for themselves, as opposed to what is advertised to them.


  • ummmm, more money, more problems?
May 16, 4:37PM EDT0
Where are you currently based? Do you offer speaking engagements in your area?
May 16, 2:36AM EDT0

I am based near Melbourne (Australia). I am actually thinking about getting into the speaking area in the future. As I come from a teaching background, I feel I could transfer a lot of the skills over.

Do you do any speaking engagements at all? 

May 16, 4:32AM EDT0
Do you offer online mentoring sessions? Or does one have to consult with you face to face?
May 15, 11:26PM EDT0

Hey! Yeah, I definitely do online consultations and mentoring sessions (I actually just opened a Fiverr gig as an experiment for the teachers' site). Also, do things from my own site

Or feel free to email me at vince@vincemassara.com

May 16, 12:36AM EDT0
Once you achieve your goals in SEO, what sort of strategy should you develop to keep the good results?
May 15, 4:23PM EDT0

Just keep delivering value to your areas. Every year or so, look at your best performing posts and update them. How can you make them even better!!! Whilst your topics may be evergreen, you can always add something. 

May 15, 4:30PM EDT0
If you just launched your website (a small company) and your budget is tight, would you recommend to do SEO in-house or is it better to hire an expert?
May 15, 4:05PM EDT1

It depends on what type of website and what type of budget. I would definitely invest in SEO early though. It depends if that is in regards to outsourcing or just buying some courses to get you by at the start.Have you just started a website?

May 15, 4:29PM EDT0

Do you only work with teachers who want to do traditional teaching businesses? What if they are interested in completely changing fields? How do you work with them and what are your fees? 

By the way, I'd love you to join my AMA as well! Here is the link! freelanceama.amafeed.com/ama-joining-a-mlm-as-a-former-mlm-503234#c518674

May 15, 3:21PM EDT0

Hi!I work with teachers who want to start in any business. I am a teacher myself so I know the difficulties and juggling teaching full time and starting a business. 

I am looking to branch out to general blog/SEO help though.Awesome. Will do

May 15, 4:19PM EDT1
Why do you want to help teachers? Are you or were you a teacher too?
May 15, 1:48PM EDT0

I am a teacher too. The main reason that I want to help teachers is that by 2020, it is suggested that 50% of jobs will be freelance or gig based. As a teacher, I know that we don't really set our students up for a freelance economy because teachers have never been in a freelance economy. It is so important for teachers to understand the entrepreneurs' mindset, and the best way to do that is to make them entrepreneurs!

May 15, 4:22PM EDT0
In all your time as a SEO expert, what were the mistakes or pitfalls that taught you the best lessons?
May 15, 8:17AM EDT0

Great question!The first mistake was not taking SEO seriously and blogging without a purpose. It set my blog back months. However, I did learn a lot. Also, just looking for those green lights in Yoast isn't always a good thing. You need to deliver value, and focus around that. 

May 15, 4:24PM EDT0
In your opinion, what metrics define SEO success?
May 14, 10:18PM EDT0

Good question. In no particular order (well kind of an order), the metrics I would use are 

  • Organic Traffic
  • Bounce rate (the % of readers who leave the site on the first page - lower the better, unless it is under 20%, then there's probably a mistake somewhere)
  • Top exit pages (what pages are losing the most readers)
  • Organic conversion rate (how many organic readers convert into customers?)
  • Keywords ranked in Google
May 14, 10:37PM EDT0
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