Hi My name is Marquel and if you want invest in Lots or buy properties in Cebu City Philippines, I am the best man to approach; I'll even give you a tour first before you decide. Ask me anything.

Jark Tulod Sollano
Sep 30, 2017

My Father in Law is the the Owner and President of Amalia Property Ventures Corp.  This is a family corporation which is why I am also a big part of this company but I am in the Sales and Marketing Department. The company was established almost 3 years  ago and we have developed almost 10 projects in less than 3 years. Our latest project is in Consolacion, Cebu named Zac Ville Subdivision where we sell lots only. The total area of the said project is 5,000 square meters and it's 4-5minute drive from a prestigious mall, 6 minute drive to a hospital and 7 minute drive to a church. For more information about our projects, please do not hesitate to contact me and ask me anything. I am at your service. 

Start investing in something that matters and would appreciate in time. 

You may also check out my social media link and message me there anytime. Hoping to hear from you soon. 



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Are there lots of opprtunities in the philipines?

Oct 1, 7:08AM EDT0

yes sir... 

Oct 1, 10:41AM EDT0

Can I lock in the interest rate and points, and how much does this cost?

Sep 28, 9:30PM EDT0

hi  madam u can avail the properties without interest  for 6 years to pay

Sep 29, 9:21AM EDT0

Before considering purchasing property in the Filippines, what does a foreigner need to know?

Sep 28, 7:51PM EDT0

the foreigner cannot purchase the properties her in philippines.. they need a filipina partner so they cAN Purchase her

Sep 29, 9:25AM EDT0

What is the current interest rate?

Sep 28, 7:14PM EDT0

hi madam u can purchase the properties without interest..

Sep 29, 9:25AM EDT0

Who can apply for a mortgage?

Sep 28, 6:19PM EDT0

hi madam u can apply for a mortgage f u want madam

Sep 29, 9:26AM EDT0

It looks like you removed a lot of greenery from your lots. Do you consider this venture sustainable / eco-friendly?

Sep 28, 12:08PM EDT0

yes madam

Sep 29, 9:27AM EDT0

Are there developments that offer 24/7 security for its residents?

Sep 28, 2:44AM EDT0

yes 24/7 security

Sep 28, 7:25AM EDT0

Do you have other mortgage products with lower rates or are the all the same?

Sep 28, 12:04AM EDT0

yes madam i have other properties lower rates

Sep 28, 7:26AM EDT0

What is the average 3 bed house price in a decent area in USD?

Sep 27, 9:59PM EDT0

sorry sir im selling may project not house in lot... my project is lot only

Sep 27, 11:06PM EDT0

What is the cost per square meter average in the properties you have sold?

Sep 27, 8:32PM EDT0

ah 7500 per sq.m per lot sir

Sep 27, 11:08PM EDT0

What neighborhoods in Cebu City are the most wanted areas to live in?

Sep 27, 8:26PM EDT0

in mactan cebu mam... is nice place to live in...

Sep 27, 11:09PM EDT0

Do you work together with other real estate agents, i.e. if you have a client and you don't have a suitable property, do you check with colleagues if they have a property and you share the commission?

Sep 27, 5:05PM EDT0

yes shareng the is okay

Sep 27, 7:23PM EDT1

What fees do I have to pay?

Sep 27, 2:35PM EDT0

the monthly fees

Sep 27, 7:24PM EDT0

How long have you been working within this field?

Sep 27, 1:57PM EDT0


Sep 27, 7:25PM EDT0

Do I have to pay for mortgage insurance, and how much will this cost?

Sep 27, 9:17AM EDT0


Sep 27, 7:26PM EDT0

How much money do I need to put down to get a mortgage on a 150 k house?

Sep 27, 6:31AM EDT0

no need to put a down payment.. u can pay with out down payment because the payment sceme is only straight monthly peyable for 6years with out interest

Sep 27, 9:19AM EDT0

Would you consider the Filippines a safe country to live within for tourists?

Sep 27, 5:31AM EDT0

yes mis patrick the philippines now is a nice places.. many torrest area.. and also ur safe her in the philippines

Sep 27, 9:22AM EDT0

Are you specializing in commercial buildings or luxury real estate or do you sell and rent everything?

Sep 27, 4:38AM EDT0

yes i am sir wongevan

Sep 27, 9:23AM EDT0

How much deposit is required to purchase real estate?

Sep 27, 2:30AM EDT0

it defends the real estates how much they cost

Sep 27, 9:42AM EDT0

What is better, a fixed rate or an adjustable rate mortgage?

Sep 27, 2:07AM EDT0
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