Hi! I have worked in a Logistic company for years. AMA.

Oct 18, 2017

Logistics typically refers to activities that occur within the boundaries of a single organization and Supply Chain refers to networks of companies that work together and coordinate their actions to deliver a product to market. 

Logistics Management deals with the efficient and effective management of day-to-day activity in producing the company's finished goods and services" - from Integral Logistics Management by Paul Schönsleben.

Logistics Management

victoria101 says:

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What project management software have you used?

Oct 22, 9:13AM EDT0

What are your main daily duties?

Oct 22, 4:17AM EDT0

How many customers are you looking after generally?

Oct 20, 8:56PM EDT0

What does a bill of lading include?

Oct 20, 8:42AM EDT0

A manufacturer you’ve been collaborating with for years announces an increase in their prices. What do you do?

Oct 20, 4:14AM EDT0

In Procurement this is one of the reason while you should partronize more than one manufacturer.

I will rather go for another manufacturer, thats if the previous manufacturer is prize is too expensive.


Oct 20, 8:05AM EDT0

What was your most chaotic experience in your career?

Oct 19, 2:28PM EDT0

If a supplier informs you there’s going to be a significant delay in their shipping, how do you deal with it?

Oct 19, 10:46AM EDT0

Thanks Angelica.

There is nothing to be done than to make sure i track my goods till it gets to the point of destination.

Oct 20, 7:58AM EDT0

Describe how you coordinate order shipping.

Oct 18, 8:04AM EDT0

What kind of logistics do you do, ships, roadtrucks or what?

Oct 18, 4:02AM EDT0

Hello Parmar. thats a good question.

I involve in all types of transportation logistics.

Oct 18, 4:14AM EDT0

What’s your area of expertise and how do you stay up-to-date with logistics management trends?

Oct 18, 1:50AM EDT0

What qualifications do you need to work in logistics and what characteristics are should you have?

Oct 16, 4:41PM EDT0

Hello Jesa.  

Whatever the background, the essential skills are only required

  • Commercial awareness
  • Numeracy
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Ability to think quickly, logically and analytically.
Oct 18, 4:06AM EDT0

Do you also offer storage, packaging and assembly options or is it pure logistics?

Oct 16, 11:49AM EDT0

Of course Paulynna.

We offer Packaging, storage and assembly options 

Oct 17, 7:07AM EDT0

How do you measure transport costs?

Oct 16, 4:45AM EDT0

Hello Idris.

I measure my transport cost by Calculating the cost of ground transportation. Including the number and cost of containers to be transported and fuel costs(single or round trip).

Oct 17, 7:04AM EDT0

What has been your favorite part of logistics work? Do you enjoy it?

Oct 14, 9:53PM EDT0

The favorite part about my job is succeeding in bringing goods from source of origin to point of consumption.

Oct 17, 7:01AM EDT0

How did you get into logistics?

Oct 11, 1:20PM EDT0
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