Hey guys! My name is Liz Holmquist and I am the Dir. of Social Media + Strategic Partnerships at QNY Creative. AMA about Influencer Marketing!

Jun 13, 2018

I am responsible for the really great social media department here at QNY Creative. Our agency is a full-service social agency, where we do everything from community mgmt, to paid-social, to influencer marketing. My team and I have churned out projects with some pretty spectacular results across multiple industries.

When it comes to social media, and especially using influencers, I am commonly asked, "OK, but why do we need it?", or, "but, does it really work?". I'm here to answer all your questions. Ask me anything!  


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Besides Instagram, which other social networks are the most suited for influencer marketing?
Jun 20, 5:07PM EDT0

It really depends who you are trying to reach and what kind of product or service you are offering. Remember that different mediums have different functions. For example, LinkedIn can be useful for a B2B strategy, while Instagram is typically much more consumer -facing. 

Jun 20, 5:25PM EDT0
Do you think that an influencer marketing campaign would be a good choice for an app marketing strategy? Why or why not?
Jun 20, 4:29PM EDT0

Of course! However, you might have to work a little bit harder to devise an overall plan and content strategy that is enticing if your app's functionality doesn't result in beautiful photos. This would require more legwork and creativity, and I would definitely choose my social channels wisely here, too. 

Jun 20, 5:27PM EDT0
Do you have any experience working with influencers on Pinterest? What is the potential of Pinterest?
Jun 20, 3:29PM EDT0

Pinterest is great for product education and inspiration. If you think of the Instagram "save" tool, it's like this but on a much larger scale. People who use Pinterest have the ability to group images that are linked to webpages into their own "boards" or catagories. They can save your post and revisit it in an organized way later.

Companies like Martha Stewart are great examples for this because their scope of products cover the breadth of people who want to be inspired and need to a useful planning tool. People go to that page and save things like recipes, tablescapes, wedding ideas, gardening tips, etc. It's very effective to people whose strategy is to showcase their products/ideas in creative and easily digestible ways. 

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Jun 20, 5:37PM EDT0
As an expert in social media, do you ever cringe when you see people who are practically non-celebrities and only have a couple of thousand followers on socmed yet they claim to be influencers?
Jun 18, 3:21AM EDT0

Actually, not at all. We need micro-influencers, and I think they are going to be the next huge trend we see in influencers once big influencers become too expensive for the average small-medium sized brand.

Jun 18, 9:26PM EDT0
Having all this expertise and knowledge that you have, don’t you have plans on building your own startup?
Jun 17, 9:35PM EDT0

Not currently, no.

Jun 18, 9:24PM EDT0
What are some problems that exist in the influencer
Jun 16, 8:35PM EDT0
What methods do you use to analyze the influencers at QNY Creative and what is the purpose of this analysis?
Jun 14, 10:34PM EDT0

We analyze influencers before, after, and during the campaign. 

We analyze before to determine quality of the influencer and fit for the brand, during the campaign to make sure they are adhering to contractual obligations, and after for feedback about the product as well as client reporting.

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Jun 15, 12:23PM EDT0
How does QNY Creative ensure its campaigns cut-through and impact in a crowded and competitive client market?
Jun 14, 4:23AM EDT0

You have to have a strong strategy.

Jun 14, 10:30AM EDT0
What methods does QNY Creative use to manage influencers concurrently for your clients?
Jun 14, 4:07AM EDT0

Lots of coffee and organizational skills :) 

It really all comes down to managing time wisely and being organized.

Jun 14, 10:29AM EDT0
What technology does QNY Creative use to predict how many impressions you can guarantee for clients across multiple platforms?
Jun 14, 2:19AM EDT0

This is not based on specific technology but more on experience, budget, and kind of campaign.

Jun 14, 10:28AM EDT0
What challenges do people face in using the many influencer marketing agencies and platforms that are available now?
Jun 14, 1:52AM EDT0

There tends to be a lack of transparency out there, so if you don't do thorough research you don't necessarily know what you're getting. I think that is true about any industry, though. You can easily be sold something that's not a good product or service if you don't spend the time doing adequate research. 

Jun 14, 10:32AM EDT0

What are some problems that exist in the influencer marketing space?

Jun 14, 1:06AM EDT0

I think I may have already answered this!

Jun 14, 10:26AM EDT0

What goals do you typically set up within influencer campaigns to measure success? 

Jun 13, 6:05PM EDT0

It depends on the campaign and what the client's objectives are! One of the most common KPIs that clients want to see are impressions. 

Jun 13, 6:07PM EDT0
What types of influencers does QNY Creative utilize and in which industries do they specialize?
Jun 13, 5:53PM EDT0

We use influencers of different sizes across many social platforms and industries. We have done a lot of CPG and travel, but I wouldn't say we specialize in that because we have done and are doing health and luxury influencer marketing too. 

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Jun 13, 5:58PM EDT0

How honest are the influencers' posts? What happens if your agency doesn't like the content posted? What happens if the influencers don't provide the content they promised?

Jun 13, 5:33PM EDT0

We encourage all influencers to post honestly. If an influencer does not like the product or the brand, they always have the choice to opt out. We would never want an untrue testimonial or to make someone uncomfortable endorsing something they don't like or don't believe in. 

We typically require influencers to send photos to us before posting to avoid this problem. All of this is meticulously stipulated in our contracts to make sure that both QNY and the client are protected. 

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Jun 13, 5:47PM EDT0
With what purpose did you found QNY Creative and in what fields does the agency specialize?
Jun 13, 3:05PM EDT0

I didn't found the company, our Creative Director, Ezio Burani did. 

The angency started with design and now, as we've grown, we do both marketing and design. I think this would be a much better question for him, and you can reach out to him directly at hello@qnycreative.com! Our agency is a creative agency that specializes in design, social marketing, digital marketing, branding, and trademarketing. 

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Jun 13, 3:12PM EDT0

How can I reach out to Influencers to ensure I get a response?

Jun 13, 2:53PM EDT0

There is no guarantee that you will get a response, but creative, enticing copy in the body of an email goes a long way. Reaching out to influencers with mgmt is also a pretty safe way to get a response, unless your target influencer is a celebrity. 

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Jun 13, 3:05PM EDT0
What are the important aspects QNY Creative takes into account when developing storytelling content strategies?
Jun 13, 2:46PM EDT0

Brand essence, brand voice, and evergreen content.

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Jun 13, 3:15PM EDT0

We all know working with people isn't alwasy a breeze. When it comes to hiccups in influcners campaings do you have any tips on how to handle them? 

Jun 13, 2:37PM EDT0

Stay calm and be nice. Don't burn any bridges. 

Jun 13, 3:55PM EDT0

What is the differnece micro and macro influcners?

Jun 13, 2:34PM EDT0

Size of the audience. Micro=small amnt of followers, Macro= large

Jun 13, 3:06PM EDT0
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