Coaches, are you struggling with sales? Having issues turning leads into clients? Ask me anything about your landing page copy.

Jul 8, 2018

I am a copywriter for coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs. I can offer advice as to why your homepage or landing page might not be converting as well as it could be.

The most common issues I see are:

1. Trying to sell pricing vs selling how the lead will be benefit from your product or service.

2. Not being super clear what exactly you are selling and who you are.

3. Creating copy that targets a general audience. Instead of going wide you need to go deeper and figure the most important problems for a very specific audience. All of your benefits should show that you know how to fix that problem.

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How do you make yourself stand out as a copywriter when working on a freelance website like Upwork?
Jul 15, 2:08AM EDT0
What are some of the dos and don'ts of content marketing that every copywriter should be aware of?
Jul 15, 1:19AM EDT0
What would you say is the most tedious part in your job that you'd rather not do if you could?
Jul 13, 9:49PM EDT0
What are some of the advancement options for a copywriter?
Jul 13, 1:24PM EDT0
What are some free services that could be used for landing page testing?
Jul 12, 5:49PM EDT0
Should early stage startups be A/B testing landing pages, rather than isolated elements like headline copy?
Jul 12, 5:26PM EDT0
What are the key to writing sales copy with high conversions?
Jul 12, 8:42AM EDT0
What is the most technically difficult aspect of your job?
Jul 11, 6:21PM EDT0
As a copywriter, do you ever struggle with coming up with unique content for your clients? What do you do to get inspired?
Jul 10, 2:50PM EDT0
What are the tools that are essential to your profession as a copywriter?
Jul 10, 9:32AM EDT0

I would say Word/Google docs, google drive or Dropbox, Grammarly, Evernote or Onenote, and Asana or Trello.

Jul 11, 10:52AM EDT0
What are some of the less obvious benefits of landing page testing apart from the obvious increase in conversion rates? Are there secondary goals and positives that outsiders may not always perceive?
Jul 9, 2:04AM EDT0
Do you think software or any kind of good delivered electronically should have a different strategy regarding landing page optimization versus physical goods.
Jul 8, 10:24PM EDT0
Do you have 3-4 top tips that you could share on landing page design and testing that you find to be exceptionally beneficial?
Jul 8, 8:36PM EDT0
What are some things people can do in the landing page design itself to help bring that rate up?
Jul 8, 9:51AM EDT0

I want to become a freelance writer. Is it worth for a good living?

Jul 8, 9:24AM EDT1

I can't give you a straight yes or no answer. Freelancing writing is an amazing field to go into.  The spectrum for freelance writing is endless. What do you define as a good living? I think you need to get clear on that first then create a freelance writing business that will allow the work lifestyle you want.  How well you do in freelance writing comes down to your expectations and whether you have the discipline to meet your goals daily. Worth is determined by perception. I can't tell you if it is worth it or not. If you choose to move forward towards freelance writing then make your decision worth it.  I would assume since your asking the question you already 90% know the answer to your own question and just need some kind of agreement or validation. So look within for your answer.

Jul 8, 4:11PM EDT0
For those who want to follow in your footsteps, what blogs, books, or tools would you recommend they read to inspire them?
Jul 8, 1:03AM EDT0

What specific methods can be used to improve landing pages over time?

Jul 7, 11:45PM EDT0

From your question, I am going to assume you already have a landing page and want to improve it further. I would focus on 2 things for now.

1. Knowing your audience:

  • If you have an email list that is highly engaged try surveying them to figure out why they gave you their email.
  • Ask them what made them want to know more about your business from reading the landing page
  • Ask your long-term customers or clients to participate in a longer form survey. Pick apart their brains. See what makes them tick. 
  • Split your customers into segments. Not all customers are the same so it does not make sense to have 1 customer profile. Creating multiple customer profiles for different groups of people and have a separate landing page for each.

In summary, the best next step for you would be to do customer research.  I would suggest hiring a writer or getting someone in your business to compile the data in easy to reference summary. Compiling this in a  PDF or powerpoint presentation would be okay. It doesn't have to be perfect it just has to be easy to read. Then when the time comes to hire a writer or improve your landing page you will able to craft the landing page based off of your customer data.

2. Split Testing:

Once you have done that. I would split test your landing pages through some sort of plugin or application. If you use Wordpress this will be much easier. Basically, split testing is when you multiple version of a section of content. Different prospective customers will see a different version of the content. Split testing different versions of your landing page or different parts of your landing page allow you to choose what works and what doesn't based off of the data in your plugins.

Landing Page split testing ideas:

  • Comparing 2 different headlines for your landing page and seeing who continues to read the rest of the landing page
  • Seeing which button colors are more clicked on 
  • Testing how long the content should be by reading time
  • Seeing where people are looking on the page through heat maps

As you can see this is a very complex topic with a lot of moving parts to keep track off. This is just a short version of what I would suggest. My main suggestion would be to work with a copywriter who can create a strategy for your landing page + write the copy and still deal with the technical aspects like split testing. 

Jul 8, 4:33PM EDT0
What made you want to become a copywriter? What was your first copywriting assignment?
Jul 7, 11:06PM EDT0

I have always had a passion for writing since I was younger. Another passion I had was research and tech.  I kind of just fell into this field when I was searching up ways to work remotely. I did not even realize that this was a job that people do. Like many, I was thinking of copywriting in the traditional aspect of flyers and poster boards. As soon as I realized that this was possible I educated myself as much as I could to become a copywriter.

2. The first ever client I had I found through a Facebook group searching for copywriters. She posted an ad and I applied with some samples. The rest is history from there.

Jul 8, 4:37PM EDT0

As an expert in your field, is there any advice that you could give copywriters as to what they should pay attention to when they create a landing page copy?

Jul 7, 10:04PM EDT0

My best advice would be to spend most of your time researching and less actually writing.  Writing a landing page is very similar to a persuasive essay in University. Your job as a copywriter is to peak the interest of the prospective customer. Your customer's attention is the key component to focus on in the landing page. If the business has set things up right then the focus should not be to sell the product or service but to make the prospective client be interested in knowing more about the business itself. This will move the prospective customer into an email list or some other relationship building step.

Every single sentence you write you should be asking... how can I get my customers attention? How can I give value? How can I keep them engaged? This is where research comes into play because it helps you answer those questions. 

Jul 8, 4:47PM EDT0

Once you have your lead magnet, how hard is it to create a landing page?

Jul 7, 8:51PM EDT0

Good news! If you already created a lead magnet then you have what most business owners consider the hardest part finished. It won't be that difficult to create a landing page if you know who you are targeting and how to write in a way that your target customers would want to give their email for the lead magnet. 

Jul 8, 4:54PM EDT0
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