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Duda Borelli
Apr 15, 2018

Hello! I'm a Senior Creative with a BA in Journalism and a post-graduation in Creative Processes. I've spent the last 9 years in big agencies, both in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Worked as a Creative Supervisor and as a Copywiter at international agencies such as ID (TBWA), Mutato (JWT), R/GA and FCB . I have also worked as a UX Copywriter for the Swedish startup Instabrigde.

Here are some of the clients I've worked for: Adidas, Club Med, Catuaba Selvagem, Coca-Cola, Devassa, Forno de Minas, Itaucard, Kinder, Kit Kat, Leite Ninho, Natura, Nescau, Nissan, Pedigre, Renault, Santa Amália, Santander and

I believe that everything we learn becomes a creative tool. For that reason, for the last 20 years, I’ve been also studying Screenwriting, Product Design, Fashion Photography and Visual Arts. The most important thing is to do what we like and I love what I do!

You can check my portfolio here

- Programa de Mentoría y Empoderamiento de Mujeres(Won a trip to ElDorado Festival de la Creatividad Colombiana 2017)- Nestlé Marketing Excellence Award 2013- Best Campaign of The Year Meio & Mensagem 2011- Grand Prix Prêmio MaxiMídia/Grupo RBS 2011- Won a Trip to Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2010- Grand Prix Prêmio MaxiMídia/Grupo RBS 2009- Top Five Viral Campaign Revista ProXXIma 2009- Top Ten Brazilian Admirable Brands Revista ProXXIma 2009- Latin-American Creative Award Portal Terra 2009 (Won a trip to Cannes Lions 2009 in France)

Duda Borelli says:

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How would you define copywriting?

Apr 25, 4:39AM EDT0

Hi Fred! There are diferent definations for copywriting. Some say it is only the text wrote of sale. So, for those people, writing content would be somenthing else (in Portuguese: redação). In my opping, a copywriter is a professional capeable of using words in any sense. So, when someone says they're a copywriter I hope they'll be able to do any kind of online and offline work including articles and scripts.

Apr 25, 9:57AM EDT1

How does one become a copywriter and write good copy?

Apr 20, 4:26AM EDT0
Is the level of one’s creativity subject to one’s personal talents or can anyone learn to be creative and why do you believe so?
Apr 17, 3:22AM EDT0
How do you stay motivated once you have begun a creative project and why do you think motivation is a key ingredient to being creatively successful?
Apr 16, 9:09PM EDT0
What does the average online creative course have to offer a copywriter and what are some of the best online creative writing courses available?
Apr 16, 5:49PM EDT0
How do people usually react when you tell them that you are a Creative Supervisor, who is also involved in screenwriting, product design, fashion photography and visual arts?
Apr 16, 10:19AM EDT0
What are some of the biggest illusions people have about what is needed to be creative and why do you believe these illusions exist?
Apr 16, 9:04AM EDT0
When you began writing, what was it that you found to be most useful and most destructive to your process, and what have you learned from each?
Apr 16, 8:30AM EDT0
Why is it important for a copywriter to have a fastidious frame of mind before attempting to write?
Apr 16, 5:38AM EDT0
Is this where you thought you would end up after your educational pursuits, and what are your hopes and aspirations for your future with regards to your career?
Apr 16, 5:11AM EDT0
What factors and influences should a writer take into account when developing specific content?
Apr 16, 4:32AM EDT0
What are some of the methods one can utilize to generate inventive thought and which of these do you prefer and why?
Apr 15, 12:45PM EDT0
Do you have a mentor who you look up to or connect to on a regular basis for constant feedback on your work, if so, why have you chosen this particular mentor and if not, who would you choose?
Apr 15, 5:19AM EDT1
What would have been some of the suggestions you would have appreciated being offered to you when you first started your career and why?
Apr 15, 3:38AM EDT1

Hi MIRZA! I was lucky to have good mentors. But two things I believe are important when starting a carrer. First: don't be embaressed of asking whatever you want. That's the best way of learning and people will be way more confortable awnsering a beginner than someone more experienced. Second: research the correct salary paid in the market for the kind of work you do. Once you get a number that is fare and that you feel confortable with, don't go for much less than that. Getting the price right later will be way harder.

Apr 25, 10:15AM EDT0
What specific software are you proficient in and which of these do you feel is integral to your career?
Apr 14, 9:06PM EDT1

Hi Haseeb! I'm very "oldschool", so I only use Word (or Pages) to write whatever I have to, even scrips. I also use Power Point (or Keynote) for presentation, which I believe every copywriter should be good at.

Apr 25, 10:04AM EDT0
What are the advertising tools you use most frequently in your work and why do you prefer them?
Apr 14, 8:44PM EDT1

Hi JANNATUL! I mostly use Word/Pages and PPT/Keynote because I'm a copywriter. After years using Mac, I simply can't use PC anymore.

Apr 19, 4:55PM EDT0

Which of your creative interests would you be willing to pursue instead of your current career and why?

Apr 14, 7:07PM EDT1

Hi KNIGHTRIDER! I believe every creative person has plans b, c and d in life. The are so many "ex-advertising" people, right? For me,  writting comedy content for TV, teaching kids and even pottery are things I have considered.  

Apr 19, 1:38PM EDT0

Which campaigns, that you have worked on, do you consider to be your favourites and what were the specific strategies behind them?

Apr 14, 4:05PM EDT1

Hi Pietro! To best answer your question, I would like to show you the video case I did for one of my favourite campaigns. Just click on the link.

Last edited @ Apr 19, 1:34PM EDT.
Apr 19, 1:33PM EDT1
What are the benefits and drawbacks for a writer to explore other writers in their field?
Apr 14, 12:24PM EDT1

Hi Shweta! The benefits of studing the work of other writers in your field is getting familiar with the diffent styles that are out there. It's speacially important to avoid creating things others have already have, which is a very common thing. The downside would be getting to focused on our own field of work and missing the chance of exploring inspirational work done by others in different fields. You can be super inspired by painters, classic musians and even preach speeches.

Apr 19, 1:28PM EDT0
At what point during an advertising campaign do you feel you have reached your creative height and why?
Apr 14, 8:27AM EDT1

Hi Rudy! I guess that point never really comes because of the crazy dead lines we have. In Brazil we are trainned to create and produce super fast, so we have to do the best we can in that window of time. I always wonder what else I could have created with more time in my hands.  

Apr 19, 1:18PM EDT0
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