AMA on revving up your SEO!

May 16, 2018

Suggested areas for discussion:


  • Get content featured by Google Search
  • Acquire an existing website
  • Boost underperforming content
  • Competitor link analysis
  • Transcribe videos
  • Link content to influencers
  • Use Google Webmaster tools


  • Create targeted persona and answer questions you think they would ask
  • Build content assets (Infographics, ebooks, etc) that backlink
  • Content clusters
  • Collaborate with other companies on content


  • Duplicate content
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Invisible text on webpages
  • Too many ads
  • Slow websites because of large images/videos/widgets

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What exactly is a 301 redirect? What is it used for? How is it different from a 302 redirect?
May 20, 12:25PM EDT0
Which SEO analytics don’t get enough attention, in your opinion?
May 20, 3:54AM EDT0
What is Google’s preferred method of configuring a mobile site?
May 19, 9:01PM EDT0
How do you stay up-to-date on the near-constant search algorithm changes?
May 19, 6:45AM EDT0
What are some common SEO mistakes you’ve seen in other organizations?
May 19, 5:45AM EDT0

I’m thinking of creating a Wikipedia page detailing my activity company. Will this help with SEO? What effects will having this information page on SEO?

May 19, 12:26AM EDT0
How does one get content featured by Google Search?
May 17, 11:10PM EDT0
What are some SEO-successful websites that you have already worked on?
May 17, 6:22PM EDT0
What are the basic qualities of an influencer? Is the number of followers really that important?
May 17, 4:49PM EDT0

Every influencer started somewhere. I've heard people say you need a 1,000,000 followers to be an influencer. Truth is there are many kinds of influencers and so its hard to put a hard number on it and number of followers isn't always the most important metric.

You have celebrities, bloggers, thought leaders and content creators for example. Some of the best influencers to work with are micro influencers not just because they are cheaper, but because they do a few things, really well. They often have higher engagement rates and a much more loyal following. These are all factors that brands take into consideration when choosing influencers.

Choose an area that you have a genuine interest and knowledge of, be energetic, funny, passionate and most importantly have fun with it and I'm sure people will take notice around you. 

May 17, 8:43PM EDT0
Do you need to ask an influencer’s permission prior to linking content to them?
May 17, 3:02PM EDT0

It depends on the relationship you are wanting to forge with them. You don't need permission to send content to an influencer in hopes that they feature you. But that way isn't very effective, the best influencers are ones you can partner with and get them to talk about you and get viewers engaging with your content. 

May 17, 8:31PM EDT0
What is the best strategy to link your content with influencers?
May 17, 10:54AM EDT0

Brands first impressions are to find the biggest name out there for their product, but to achieve the best ROI find a number of smaller niche influencers. There are many platforms to help you connect with these people and I'll include some below. It also can be effective to reach out to them directly on the platform they frequent and skip the middle man. Smaller influencers tend to have a more loyal and engaged following while being cheaper to use which is better for your brand. 

When trying to find an influencer it isn't a crazy science, simply you want to try to find someone who can naturally fit with your product and it is best to find someone who will embody your brand.

Influencer platforms:





May 17, 8:28PM EDT0
When you talk about video transcription, can you explain how this will help you get a better SEO?
May 17, 7:50AM EDT0

Video is great because when done well it is eye catching and engaging. The big problem is that a web crawler can't "read" it and relate it to your other page content. By transcribing your video you allow page crawlers to "read" your video. It will boost SEO and has the benefit of letting deaf viewers enjoy your great footage!

Here is resource that will give you tools for automatically transcribing your video and go into more detail on how to video transcribe.

May 17, 8:13PM EDT0
Do forums like this one (AMAFeed) help in boosting a site’s SEO performance if the owner is promoting here?
May 16, 11:19PM EDT0

Short answer, no. Forum or social based links are highly suggested to have nofollow attributes because they run a high risk for the forum/social platform to drag down their SEO. 

Quora has a really great article on this if you are looking for going into more depth.

May 17, 8:07PM EDT0
What are some Google SEO tools that come with a price/subscription fee, but is a worthy investment?
May 16, 9:53PM EDT0

It all comes down to what you are trying to achieve and what tools you are already using, but some good SEO tools that I use/used are:





Google Webmaster Tools (free but awesome)

May 17, 9:00PM EDT0

Does stuff like posting links on AMAFeed, and other people linking to your website help with SEO or does this have no effect? I know being linked in articles on other webpages has a positive effect but I'm not sure if Facebook posts and AMAFeed asnwers do anything other than a click option for the person reading it. 

May 16, 9:14PM EDT0

Short answer, no. Forum or social based links are highly suggested to have nofollow attributes because they run a high risk for the forum/social platform to drag down their SEO. 

Quora has a really great article on this if you are looking for going into more depth.

May 17, 8:05PM EDT0

What is the best way to get my content featured on google search?

May 16, 8:41PM EDT0

Short answer: Be Wikipedia.

Google will select content that gets shown in 'featured snippets'. There are 3 types of snippets. A paragraph which is text inside a box, a list or a table.

Google favours content that is on the first page of results, so if you are already ranking for that topic on the front page you stand a really good chance. The best way to try to get featured is to do really good keyword research, look at what you already rank high for and focus on those areas. Answer a question with your content in an effective way. 

Moz has some really good tools for helping to get featured on Google.

May 17, 8:53PM EDT0
What are some of the most useful tools on Google Webmaster?
May 16, 7:49PM EDT0

The top 3 things I use Google Webmaster for are:

1. Checking what sites links to your site (Links to your site)

2. Check your site for readability issues (Fetch as google)

3. Identify broken pages (Crawl errors)

May 17, 7:55PM EDT0
Do you know of an online tutorial that covers all the basic techniques for SEO?
May 16, 3:43PM EDT0

HubSpot provides many great FREE courses that will give a good foundation of SEO, I would particularily recommend the content marketing course.

Getting insights into your SEO is important. Google provides courses on analytics and adwords that are very effective for practical application. It isn't meant to teach SEO but how to hook your sight up to analytics and how to measure results.

May 16, 5:07PM EDT0
What are some ideas or tips to boost your content when is underperforming?
May 16, 3:16PM EDT0

Instead of trying to rank content for highly competitive keywords, try focusing on long-tail keywords. These highly specific searches often produce better results and are less competitive.

Try to A/B test different titles. Even if your content is performing well you should still be testing different titles to optimize results.

Change meta titles and descriptions to try to be more engaging and clear.

Content should be written with a purpose in mind. If you are trying to answer a customers question with a blog, maybe it isn't focusing on providing the right solution for the customer. Instead of writting content for all customers, try focusing down on a customer segment to get better results.

Change your content up and republish. If you had a blog about great breeds of dogs, switch it up into a top 10 dog breed list for example.

May 16, 5:01PM EDT0
What are your thoughts about article spinning to increase available written content for websites?
May 16, 3:03PM EDT0

I think that long term Google will be able to catch and penalize article spinning. Google has developed a new AI called RankBrain and it is being developed to be able to identify pretty complex tasks.

It might work for you in the short run but I wouldn't recommend it to a customer.

More on RankBrain here.

May 16, 3:17PM EDT0
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