AMA - MyTweetAlerts – Like Google Alerts but for Twitter

Jan 9, 2018

www.MyTweetAlerts.com is like Google Alerts but for Twitter. You can receive alerts and get emails when someone tweets about some topics and the tweet has more than X likes or Y retweets. You can also get emails if someone tweets about some keywords and he/she has more than X followers. So it is really useful to find tweets that can go viral. Please sign up and try the service and let us know what you think. 

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Are famous persons more followed that ordinary person that use Twitter?

Jan 9, 7:17PM EST0

How was Twitter founded?

Jan 9, 6:30PM EST0

What percentage of people is addicted to Twitter?

Jan 9, 3:33PM EST0

How often is Twitter up-dated?

Jan 9, 2:12PM EST0

How would you convince someone who does not use Twitter to start using it?

Jan 9, 5:35AM EST0

Do you think that we are dependent on Internet?

Jan 9, 4:56AM EST0

What do people use more often: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Why is it so?

Jan 9, 3:56AM EST0

Do you plan any other innovations? When is your target release?

Jan 9, 3:44AM EST0

Yes, we have a lot of spin-offs. The next version will include Enterprice-Plus that will be used by enterprise companies. We hope that version will be ready by the end of this Year. 

Jan 9, 7:04PM EST0

Do you think that notifications can sometimes be annoying?

Jan 8, 9:58PM EST0

Do you find Twitter useful? What are its uses for you?

Jan 8, 2:42PM EST0

Can we educate ourselves using Twitter?

Jan 8, 1:49PM EST0

What would happen if Internet suddenly stopped working (forever), in your opinion?

Jan 8, 8:50AM EST0

Do you think that people are becoming more and more unsociable since the beginning of social network?

Jan 8, 8:21AM EST0

What are the benefits of these alerts?

Jan 8, 7:15AM EST0

If you want to monitor what is happening on Twitter you can create alerts to get an email when someone tweets about some keywords on Twitter. 

Jan 8, 6:05PM EST0

Can the Internet be harmful?

Jan 8, 5:38AM EST0

Are people addicted to likes?

Jan 8, 4:43AM EST0

What do you think about social network sites in general?

Jan 8, 1:05AM EST0

Would you suggest that children should read more books?

Jan 7, 11:00PM EST0

Yes and not just children but everyone. 

Jan 8, 2:17AM EST0

Would you advise children to use the Internet?

Jan 7, 9:52PM EST0

We need approval from our friends before and after we post something on social media sites, do you agree?

Jan 7, 9:45PM EST0
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