#AMA - My name is Steffen Ploeger and I am an SEO Specialist at 9thCO Inc. Let's talk about the Google Speed Update and how it impacts mobile search rankings of the slowest sites. Have you noticed a change in rankings? Ask Me Anything!

Jul 11, 2018

I’ve been working in the search engine optimization (SEO) space for nine years, yet I’m always learning and discovering new things about the industry. This week, Google's Speed Update has been rolled out, which only impacts mobile search rankings of the slowest sites. 

At 9thCO Inc, we made recommendations to clients that are most at risk of being affected by the update on how to improve page speed on target pages — in addition to creating off- and on-site campaigns, including web design, — to boost your site's online presence. 

Mobile-first approach is on our radar. Join me for this AMA and I'll address common questions about page speed, mobile-first and more. 

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Are you aware of some free SEO tools that people can try and use and learn a bit more about SEO?
Jul 13, 10:27AM EDT0
Are there any blogs or SEO based website you regularly visit to keep yourself updated?
Jul 13, 10:06AM EDT0
How did you get started with SEO space? Was it a trending thing when you first joined in?
Jul 13, 8:08AM EDT0

I started 9 years ago by chance due to my mother tongue being German. At the time SEO was totally different and yes SEO was trending.

Jul 13, 10:01AM EDT0
What do you think would be the future of SEO in the near future?
Jul 13, 5:49AM EDT0
SEO is constantly changing. How much time do you spend daily to keep yourself “evolving”? Can you share some optimization tips for this process too?
Jul 12, 6:01PM EDT0
Do you think any major changes will appear with the latest Google Hummingbird update?
Jul 12, 11:02AM EDT0
What are the common SEO mistakes while producing digital content?
Jul 11, 10:49PM EDT0

- content to short

- poorly written content

- content stuffed with keywords

- duplicated content (should be unique)

- no internal links

Jul 12, 8:20AM EDT0
How do you manage to keep your SEO work organized? Are there any tools you use and would recommend?
Jul 11, 9:34PM EDT0


- Calendar

- Google Drive

Jul 12, 8:08AM EDT0

What are some external but important factors which impact ranking?

Jul 11, 7:09PM EDT0
How many types of Meta Tags are there in SEO and what are their characters limits?
Jul 11, 12:33PM EDT0

- Page Title 65 characters

- Meta Description 122 characters (mobile), 155 characters (desktop) 

- Testing tool: mobileserps.com

Jul 12, 8:10AM EDT0

What are some things that should not be done to increase rankings and would result in a penalty?

Jul 11, 5:35AM EDT0
How do you use structured data on lazy-loading product images and on product listing pages?
Jul 11, 3:04AM EDT0
What strategies have you implemented at 9thCo Inc. that made a significant difference in traffic or website health?
Jul 11, 1:10AM EDT0
How can companies avoid punishment for a slow-loading site on the mobile?
Jul 11, 1:01AM EDT0
What are some of the resources that can be used to evaluate a mobile page’s performance?
Jul 10, 9:09PM EDT0
How has mobile SEO gotten better over the last ten years?
Jul 10, 5:43PM EDT0
What implications does the constantly evolving SEO world have on product management on mobile sites?
Jul 10, 4:43PM EDT0
When Google announces an update, what do you do?
Jul 10, 3:53PM EDT0

- don't stress and research/track the update / upcoming update - inform your clients to win trust

- monitor rankings and visibility, conversions, ROI, organic search traffic before and after (ongoing)

- check Google Search Console for warnings/messages from Google

- adapt accordingly

- optimize

- if you take on a new client avoid penalties by performing a site audit and by making recommendations for improvements - set goals and implement

Jul 12, 8:38AM EDT0
What SEO tools do you use on a daily or weekly basis?
Jul 10, 11:52AM EDT0

- Ahrefs

- Moz

- Semrush

- Screaming Frog

- Google Analytics / Search Console

- Ranking tool

Jul 12, 8:22AM EDT0
What is the Google speed update and what does it mean for businesses?
Jul 10, 11:21AM EDT0