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Jaime Nacach
Jan 12, 2018

Hi, I'm Jaime (Pronounced "Hi-Meh"), a digital marketer with expertise in sales and marketing technology and automation.

Through my marketing agency, Bloominari.com, I constantly talk about, present, and explain the concept of sales and marketing automation, through web-based technologies. Come learn about CRM, SaaS Software, E-mail marketing, Sales Automation, lead scoring and much more.

Also, checkout our blog at www.bloominari.com/blog to learn more about what I talk about.

A great way to start thinking about the best software stack for your automation can be, checkout this diagram I created for our customers.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 10.10.36 PM.png

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How many members are in the core management? How many are the support people?

Jan 11, 6:18AM EST0

2 in Core management, 6 in support and services.

Jan 11, 6:27AM EST0

How many clients or businesses have you assisted since that challenging beginnings?

Jan 10, 5:33PM EST0

Great questions! Thanks for that. I appreciate it.

Probably over 120-150 businesses or more

Jan 10, 5:40PM EST0

oh, such great experience! What business was the most difficult to work for?

Jan 13, 2:41PM EST0

What will small businesses gain from connecting with Bloominari?

Jan 10, 6:50AM EST0

Someone who's truly on their side and wants them to be successful. We're not just an agency, we consider ourselves part of our clients team - because we are. We start by helping and teaching, not by doing work for them. We're passionate young adults trying to make a difference in small businsses, and have 15+ years of web, design, business, and marketing experience to back up our work. 

Jan 10, 5:40PM EST0
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Do you write the blogs all by yourself or do you also welcome contributors?

Jan 10, 12:49AM EST0

Both, I write blog posts myself as well as from our own internal team, and other external contributors too.

Jan 10, 1:05AM EST0

How much estimated capital should a client set aside for these marketing activities that you are providing?

Jan 9, 11:03PM EST0

Hi Janine, great questions. The capital that should be set aside varies greatly by company, as everyone has different needs. On the low end $500 might be enough, for a small one-time setup or consultation. While for other it may be $500 to $1000/month for 3 to 6 months (or more)

Jan 10, 12:25AM EST0

If I am a small business interested to take advantage of your platform, how can I get started?

Jan 9, 12:38PM EST0

Hi Xulian, thanks for your interest! Take a look at our website and fill out our form at  www.bloominari.com/contact to get in touch with us. That's the first step. Thanks

Jan 9, 12:39PM EST1

Can you tell us about Agile CRM partner training? What is so prestigious about the recognition? How will it give you the advantage?

Jan 9, 9:07AM EST0

Great questions. Agile CRM is a relatively new competitor in the Software as a service CRM  tool. It's prestigious becuase this company is growing very fast, and it's customers are more like "Fans". We all love their software, and see the huge opportunity for growth using their tools. Being the first US-based agency to become an Agile CRM partner, will allow our company to be the first to help small businesses to take advantage of Agilecrm.com powerful, yet VERY affordable tools. 

The tools start at just $15/month/user, or $10/month if prepaid for a year. I've spent lots of time discussing AgileCRM on blog posts, presentations, webinars, and YouTube.

Learn more about our certification and more benefits here:


Jan 9, 11:49AM EST0
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What is the most versatile service you can offer? Why is it flexible?

Jan 9, 7:54AM EST0

Hi Adrian, not sure why you mean by versatile service. Can you explain in more details?

Jan 9, 11:46AM EST0

Tell us how Bloominari came to be? How long was the birthing process before you were able to fully introduce this website and services to the market?

Jan 9, 6:19AM EST0

Hi Michelle,

Bloominari is almost 4 years old, although I myself have been doing this type of web design, marketing and technology work for over 15 years. Now we have a team that supports all of our services and clients, so now it's a group effort.

You can learn more about how we got started here:


Thanks so much for your interest!

Jan 9, 11:46AM EST0

What has always been always challenging in making your client's business bloom?

Jan 9, 3:53AM EST0


The biggest challenge for making our client's business bloom, has been mostly about communication and setting up the right expectations with our clients before we get started. Once we're all on the same page, we're able to see results pretty fast.

Jan 9, 11:44AM EST0

What kind of participation do you require from the client with this kind of arrangement?

Jan 8, 10:53PM EST0

Hi Gorgette,

For marketing automation setup and customization, we need a lot of input and participation from the client, as we're creating a system to fit their company's needs.

Jan 8, 11:06PM EST0
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How do you work with clients? Do you provide your own people that will work for the client's needs?

Jan 8, 2:37PM EST0

Hi, we have a full team of marketers, designer and programmers. We put our own people in our client's projects, based on their needs. Including putting a project manager in charge.

Jan 8, 2:57PM EST1
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How long do you have to work with clients? Do you continue to maintain the relationship after achieving the target numbers?

Jan 8, 1:59PM EST0

Hi Tim, we work with our clients in two ways. On one time projects, and on ongoing marketing campaigns. So we do maintain our relationships with them.

Jan 8, 2:58PM EST0

How long have you been operating this business? Do you also continue to evolve similarly as the web developments are evolving?

Jan 8, 8:32AM EST0

Hi Maricar, it will be 4 years in a few months. Yes, we do continue to evolve in our web design and development as the technologies/trends change.

Jan 8, 2:58PM EST0
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Do you also hire freelancers to help you carry out the job for your clients?

Jan 8, 7:27AM EST0

Yes, when needed we also hire freelancers, but not often

Jan 8, 2:58PM EST0
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Do you offer free assessment? For how long will be the assessment process?
Jan 8, 5:57AM EST0

Hi, yes we do offer a free 30 minute consultation, as well as a website assesment if you're looking for a better web presence. 

Jan 8, 2:59PM EST0
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