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Huub Koch
Jan 14, 2018

BE GOOD AND SHOW IT - ‘The Art of Creativity for Business’, ‘Finding Meaning in Your Life & Work’ and ‘Creating Good Vibrations’ is a book currently being written in Dutch language as 'Laat zien wat je waard bent'. The English translation will be coming soon. You can follow THE MAKING OF at

At least once a week a new chapter is published. For Free! So you do not have to buy anything. Just take advantage of my gift for you: to learn how to market yourself in a better way, where ever you live and whatever you do.

From the foreword...

These words are specially meant for all those heroes who call themselves, with justifiable pride, independent professional, small business owner, entrepreneur or culture maker. With their talent, knowledge, experience, and presence, they enrich our world and leave it more beautiful behind than they find it.

Do you know them? Does their name ring a bell? Do you know what their motives are? Do you understand what their unique qualities add to you?

Now I touch a delicate point ...

Self-employed professionals are very good at their profession, but do not always sell themselves well enough to make a good living, or know how to gain attention and... tell a clear promotional story that rocks. They fall short in Marketing and Communication. Which is my métier, and in this book I want to explain to you, step by step, what ‘The Art of Creativity for Business’, ‘Finding Meaning in Your Life & Work’ and ‘Creating Good Vibrations’ can mean for independent professionals like you.

How does this book help you?

By entering into a constant dialogue and exchange of inspiration. And what we call the integration of Life and Work. Including your personal touch, as icing on the cake. That is why this book has three storylines that overlap and touch each other:

The Art of Creativity for Business (for independent professionals) describes the process and resources you need to show who you are and what your unique strength is.

Finding meaning in your life and work is a personal stair with anecdotes, to clearly communicate the value that's in the things you do and the importance of it for others.

And last but not least, this book is about developing the right tone (of voice, stories, and imagery), by which you transmit a vibration that works for you (standalone) as a magnetic field.

You need every one of these aspects to bring unity to your story. Together they form the goal-oriented communicating vessels that are searching for the braincells of your ideal customer. To establish a connection that will suit you both.

Want to know more about me?

Here's a start:

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When did you write your first book and how old were you?

Jan 13, 8:38PM EST0

Hi Adrian,

I wrote my first book (of Poems) 'Under the Spell of Love' when I was 19. This was in 1975. The book was published in 1976 and reached a considerable audience.

I had been writing already since I was about 13 or 14 and even before that age. Writing was and is my way to reach out to people on a wider scale than my personal habitat and surroundings. But I have many more creative fields in which I act and share my ideas and experiences.

Best regards,


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Jan 14, 1:23AM EST0

Did you have a press release, "Goodreads" book launch or anything else to promote your work and how effective was it?

Jan 13, 5:23PM EST0

Hi Micicn92,

Not until now, as the book is not completely online at this moment. But as soon as it is I will let The World and The Press know about it, if they haven't discovered the project already themselves before that date.

Best regards,


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Jan 14, 1:19AM EST0

When can we expect the different translations of your book?

Jan 13, 5:04PM EST0

Hi Kcampos91,

As Soon As Possible.

In fact I want to have the English translation run synchronously underneath the Dutch basic text version.

Best regards,


Jan 14, 1:17AM EST0

How did you come up with this kind of book idea? Is it by personal experience?

Jan 13, 4:52PM EST0

Hi Paulyanna,

Yes absolutely. 100% personal experience.

Please read some of the other questions and responses so you can find out that I practice and have practised what I preach.

Best regards,


Last edited @ Jan 14, 1:12AM EST.
Jan 14, 1:12AM EST0

How do you know if your content has performed well or not?

Jan 13, 4:51PM EST0

Hi Syed Ali,

Well... I've been working with these ideas with real clients for about ten years and experienced that most of them have been really succesfull by taking these ideas as a stepping stone. In terms of ROI usually from say 300 - 1000 %. But the most important things is that a person finds his story, by this has the ability to visualize and verbalize that story and becomes stronger than ever in his or her self-esteem. Its not only important that you know you are good at something, you also have to find the tools to be able to show it. That is what the content of the book is about and the experience behind it.

Best regards,


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Jan 14, 1:07AM EST0

Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

Jan 13, 4:50PM EST0

Hi Morshed,

Just a littlebit, but I do not mind... otherwise I would have a lot of extra work next to writing the book.

The most obvious thing they tell me is that they would like to work with me and love making this great step forwards... That's OK of course, but I want the book to be able to give the reader all the tools he or she needs, so you can DO IT YOURSELF or with the help of a professional who lives nearby you. You will both do a better job with this book as a guideline.

Best regards,


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Jan 14, 1:02AM EST0

What are some good ways to get other people to link to your content?

Jan 13, 4:47PM EST0

Hi Makter,

Every way is good and OK with me.

Best regards,


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Jan 14, 12:57AM EST0

How long did it take you to create this book?

Jan 13, 3:14PM EST0

Hi Lenka,

I started writing in 2009.

So the current version is a new version of the old one.

What's new?

I want to get as close as can be to my readers.

So, completing the new version will take a big part of 2018.

And you can follow that on the blog.

Best regards,


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Jan 13, 3:58PM EST0

Up to how many chapters are you planning to release?

Jan 13, 3:13PM EST0

Hi Lenka,

All chapters will be published on the blog.

So be my guest.

Best regards,


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Jan 13, 3:55PM EST0

How many books like this have you written so far?

Jan 13, 2:59PM EST0

Hi Moses,

I started writing when I was 17 years old.

I published a Poetry album when I was 18.

Then I worked on a manuscript with short stories.

Which launced me for a short period of time into journalism.

I started blogging in 2006 and contributed to all kind of books who were edited by others, you can find the list on my about-page. You can find those books right here.

Then I was asked to write essays for a Dutch Literary magazine: Extaze.

And wrote a book about the history of my fathers family lineage. Which goes back to Southern Bohemia in Tsjechoslovakia around 1850 and before. Just started to make a website that accompanies this story.

I'm working on BE GOOD AND SHOW IT at this moment.

When that job is done I have another axe to grind...


Best regards,


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Jan 13, 4:06PM EST0

What steps do you take when you actually create your content?

Jan 13, 2:07PM EST0

Hi Hazel1724,

I go to bed early and wake up at six in the morning.

Have a cup of coffee and do some exercises or meditation.

Then I ponder the chapter which is at hand.

Which means I also take a look at my notes or the blogposts I did about that subject in the past. Then it's time to unchain the new energy and inspiration I receive as a result of writing the book and start to tell and explain what I want to share with my reader.

I'm talking a lot with all kind of people about the book, so everyday I receive new insights in what people need today.

After writing for about one and a half hour the story is ready to receive some editing. To refine it and sharpen the text.

I decided that I want to write chapters that are about 500 words long. Which means I have to be to-the-point and do not bother my reader with too much knowledge all at once.

If the chapter is ready I post it on the blog and search for an image that has relevant meaning at and post that too.

I write the basic version of the chapter in Dutch.

So the coming weeks it is a challenge to make the translations in English and publish them under the Dutch version on the blog. And update the English version of the Index page, so foreign readers can find what they are looking for.

So these are the steps in creating the content for the book.

When I have my work done for that day... I go outside to take a long walk and after that have breakfast.

Best regards,


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Jan 13, 2:33PM EST0

What do you like most about your book?

Jan 13, 11:49AM EST0

Hi Samm

Interesting question.

I guess what I like most is that its feel right now as if I do not have any ambition to write a book at all. Just because one of my deepest hearts desires is to live a life in balance. 

So what I like most about the book is that, nevertheless, it askes me to write it. And thus sends me on a mission to do the best I can in sharing my ideas, knowledge and wisdom concerning the subject.

Yes that's a challenge. And although I have everything inside me to make it happen, it brings me into unknown territory as well.

Best regards,


Jan 13, 2:19PM EST0

For your own reading, do you prefer ebooks or traditional paper/hardback books?

Jan 13, 4:43AM EST0

Hi Felipeng,

Both actually.

Best regards,


Jan 13, 5:28AM EST0

Did you create the contents by yourself?

Jan 13, 1:48AM EST0

Hi Nicz,

Yes, Absolutely.

Inspired by working with clients (independant professionals) for over 10 years, 11 years of blogging (1440+ posts) and 9 years of vlogging (120+ vlogs).

Only... the images on the booksite are by Unsplash. As they relate to a an audience that is more of today. Except the coverdesigns of the books, these images and designs are mine too.

You see... I am 61 years old now. So I had a Life.... ;-) And I still have it. So this my gift for being alive and kicking.

I have my roots in graphic- and web design, advertising, art, documentary photography and film, stage design, and writing. Since 1999, I ponder the nature of content, the attitude of being personal, and the gentle art of creating good vibrations.

By the way, if you (as an English teacher) have any comments on my English, please do. I am not a Native Speaker, as I am Dutch.

Best regards,


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Jan 13, 2:03AM EST0

How would you describe your blogging style?

Jan 12, 5:23PM EST0

Hi Kristy,

In one word: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. ;-)

Best regards,


Jan 12, 5:27PM EST0

What is the easiest thing about writing?

Jan 12, 11:44AM EST0

Hi Roger,

The easiest thing about writing is in fact the writing itself.

I never had any trouble with that.

But in advance you have to do your homework.

So that you know what you are talking about.

So that's how it works for me.

Best regards,


Jan 12, 1:57PM EST0

Where can I get a copy of your book "Be Good and show it"?

Jan 12, 9:04AM EST0

Hi Amna,

First there is the read along online version. Which is free. Just because I want to give my readers the chance to comment on the content while I am writing it. If relevant the comments will change the book while under development. The current version is in Dutch. But next weeks I am working on an English translation, which is published underneath the Dutch version on the same page. Most easiest way to find what your looking for will be by checking out the Index. (English translation coming soon).

Second there will be an e-book version and a print version. Later this year. As an experienced designer and publisher I will produce these versions myself. Of course when a regular publisher comes in and has an interesting offer to make (that I cannot refuse) things might go different...

And then third... I want to make a luxury edition too. A special hardcover edition with a box around it. There has to be a difference... ;-) But this project is scheduled after step 1 and 2.

Best Regards,


Last edited @ Jan 12, 10:26AM EST.
Jan 12, 10:20AM EST0

What inspires you to write this kind of book?

Jan 12, 8:25AM EST0

Hi Josienette,

I've been working with indepentant professionals and such for about 10 years inside my own company and doing a good job for them. Which usually means taking care that what I do for them (strategy, design, web, editing, etcetera) brings them lots of new clients.

Now, my experience in this field of conduct has proven that most indepentant professionals have little or no idea how to make themselves seen, tell a more complete story about their passion and value, and thus present themselves in such a way that they can be happy with what they do and make a decent living too by doing so.

This situation also meant that I sometimes had a lot to 'educate clients about' how marketing and communication can work for you in a better way. By writing this book I want to show indepentant professionals (in the widest sense) how-to Be Good and Show It. And what it takes to assign a designer or a webguy to make a good translation of that.

So... the book leads you through all the parts of the proces, as described in the index of the book. (English translation coming soon).

Thus, my inspiration is mainly to raise the bar in educating clients and design professionals alike. So that when they meet, they know both what they are talking about and have a succesfull collaboration.

Best regards,


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Jan 12, 10:13AM EST0

What is your favorite motivational phrase?

Jan 11, 8:14PM EST0

Hi there AmaVizaya,

For a very long time this has been my favorite motivational phrase:

To be an allround human being is more important than to be a designer, but sometimes it helps - Huub Koch.

I wrote that in an essay for the book The Education of a Typographer.

What I like about that phrase is that it's multifunctional, if you are a nurse you could change 'designer' into 'nurse' and it still has the same meaning and message.

Another one I like, but not my own... is this one:

In the beginners mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few.  - S. Suzuki.

I like it because if you look at the phrase it seems that the experienced mind has an advantage, but in practice the beginners mind (openness) is the only functional attitude for both beginner and expert. 

And this might be my most favorite motivational phrase ever:

What was that? That was your life, mate. Oh. That was quick. Do I get another? Sorry mate, that was it - Basil Fawlty.

Best regards.


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Jan 12, 4:03AM EST0

Who is/are your influencers in this industry?

Jan 11, 10:56AM EST0

Interesting question Milan123,

My influences? Just too many... I'll give you four as a starter:

Sun Tzu / Joseph Campbell / Milton Glaser / Lao Zi

And maybe some of the people who are in this book:

The Education of a Typographer.

including Art Chantry, Allan Haley, Terry Irwin, Huub Koch (me), Stefan Sagmeister, and Teal Triggs... Happen to know Michael Johnson a bit personally...

If you follow that link, you'll find my essay ...

True knowledge derives from knowing how to see

And yes, maybe the image above,

from one of my 'personal magazines' - Making My Point -,

says it all.

If you would zoom into the actual text...

here's what it tells... about influences.


I guess … as a designer

It’s not very interesting to talk about influences, because the only thing you can say about them is that they exist, which does not mean that they are of any importance.

Change Context by Meaning (1)

It’s not a matter of Works that Duchamp was about. 

The point is a mindset that springs from a void.

Change Context by Meaning (2)




Change Context by Meaning (3)








Where change starts is a matter of context. But the context is nothing but a starting point for a break with rules that are floating.

To go further than usual we need to define borders. Borders start here and now.

Borderlines are a product of the mind

and change only there.


Different voices

Different voices

Different languages

Different languages

Sameness &

Sameness &

Otherness &

Otherness &

It’s Like Listening

It’s Like Listening

to 2 radio stations

to 2 radio stations

at the same time

at the same time

and a TV set while

and a TV set while

you are having a

you are having a

conversation with

conversation with

someone on the

someone on the

phone, in the middle

phone, in the middle

of the roadhouse

of the roadhouse

restaurant where

restaurant where

Glenn Gould

Glenn Gould

used to eat

used to eat



Everybody Else is

Everybody Else is

talking. That’s Life.

talking. That’s Life.


The other side of p h i l o s o p h i c a l research into

design areas might t u r n a r o u n d the question

how to c h a n g e m e a n i n g b y c o n t e x t.

In anyway

Graphic Design has

r e a c h e d————– until this far,

but what will be the end

of it, the next step?



takes form in a

multimedia shape of

appearances. It has become

fluid, instead of being concrete.

That’s why it offers nothing

but confusion for a mind

that is fixed.

We need



Best Regards,


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Jan 11, 1:39PM EST0
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