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Dalton Primeaux
Jun 11, 2018

My name is Dalton J. Primeaux, and I am the founder and principal of Dalton Primeaux Digital - a PR & Branding Agency for the Digital Age. Myself and my team specialize in Social Media Management, Influencer Relations & Digital Media Outreach for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. Learn more about our work and follow our efforts on Instagram: Here!

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What are the top influencer marketing trends of 2018? How long does it usually take for a certain trend to fade in the marketing business?
Jun 17, 2:59AM EDT0

In influencer marketing, micro-influencers are still relevant and so are wide​-spread​ campaigns that hit​ across a larger number of influencers at once, and across more platforms. Influencers are also now creating content directly on the partner's actual channel/platform, rather than just a sponsored post. And Instagram Stories collaborations are a big part of current influencer efforts.​ There's really no one answer to when a trend fades. In a way, usually if it's working, a marketing trend will stick around until something bigger and better comes ​along. That's way marketing and PR pros need to always so on top of what's current and trending. But the key is to include new, and fresh efforts in your campaign along side "trendy" efforts. Without doing something different, your brand will not stick out amongst the crowd (of 800 million accounts on Instagram alone).

Jun 19, 3:54PM EDT0
What are your thoughts on small businesses who don't outline a marketing budget as part of their business plan and actually attempt doing the marketing themselves? Is that smart business or can it have reprecussions later on?
Jun 16, 11:09PM EDT0

Marketing budget, whether it be through digital outlets or more traditional outlets, is an absolute must for a budding brand. Unless the person spearheading the marketing or PR plan has the background, knowledge and contacts needed to really make a mark - they will, at the very least, end up getting a lot less bang for their buck. Marketing strategists and publicists know how to budget correctly, and their relationships and creativity can help to make a larger impact. And truly, an inexperienced marketer/publicist, can actually do some damage to branding if they don't know how to correctly navigate the industry, or proactively and reactively avoid publicity damage.

Jun 19, 3:34PM EDT0
What is involved in online public relations?
Jun 16, 8:17AM EDT0

Digital PR is essentially traditional PR, with a focus on digital impressions and digital partnerships. This can involve garnering editorial placements on digital/online publications (online magazines, blogs, etc.), securing features, collaborations with bloggers, Video/Youtube collaborations, and social media influencer or celebrity placements.

Jun 19, 3:22PM EDT0
What’s the difference between organic rankings and AdWords?
Jun 16, 7:09AM EDT0

Organic ranking on search engines and the paid, targeted ads purchased through AdWords really aren't as intertwined as you may think. PPC and other paid ads really don't affect your organic rank on search engines. Through smart budgeting and targeting you can increase conversions and traffic to your store or site with paid ads that appear in different networks. And SEO is essentially building out the content on your site to rank higher in relevant searches.

Jun 19, 3:15PM EDT0
Why is online marketing increasingly preferred over offline marketing?
Jun 13, 2:42PM EDT0

Digital marketing is very cost-effective compared to traditional marketing. There is also a high level of interaction and engagement available with digital marketing channels. This definitely helps a brand strengthen their key messaging and raise conversions or sales. Companies and brands are also gravitating to the instant gratification of digital marketing - seeing traffic or sales happen in real time. It's also very easy to analyze and report digital efforts.

Jun 13, 4:53PM EDT0
What is the difference between branding and direct marketing?
Jun 13, 2:05PM EDT0

Direct marketing is reaching an audience directly through different hands-on activations. Branding, even though it may intersect your marketing efforts, is ​a ​more comprehensive plan or strategy defining how the general public will view your company. This includes visuals, voice, and experiences online and offline. To help strengthen a client's branding and really push their key messaging to the public - we manage and consult across SKU selection, website design, social media content, copywriting, influencer partnerships, media presence, and so much more.

Jun 13, 4:44PM EDT0
Do you think that digital marketing will completely replace traditional marketing practices in near future? How would it affect the business world then?
Jun 13, 1:34PM EDT0

Awesome question! I wish I could say for sure! I would like to think that traditional marketing practices will be around for quite some time, there still in value there. There still are audiences to reach in print, in TV and billboards, etc. But I think they will definitely evolve. The cost-effectiveness, the interaction, the instant gratification and easy analysis that comes with digital efforts are just factors that are really hard to beat. 

Jun 13, 4:14PM EDT0
How would you setup, track and analyze if a campaign is successful?
Jun 13, 6:46AM EDT0

Every campaign is different. Every client has a different goal. A Social media campaign is measured differently than an influencer campaign and differently than a media outreach campaign. But most commonly the KPIs we work with are impressions, traffic, or conversions/sales. 

Jun 13, 4:06PM EDT0
How does Dalton Primeaux Digital go about increasing its clients' brand awareness in an exciting, organic way?
Jun 13, 5:29AM EDT0

The key to effective brand awareness is doing something creative, fun and different. We try to engage an audience with exciting content that makes people want to interact with a brand or learn more about a product. The majority of our efforts are focused on organic means  - gaining attention in a genuine way through relationships and strategy, not just high-cost paid advertisements or campaigns.

Jun 13, 4:03PM EDT0
How is Dalton Primeaux Digital's social media content, blogging, or website copywriting priced and what is the turnaround for content from the time of request?
Jun 13, 12:07AM EDT0

Like most agencies, we typically work on a contract basis with a monthly ​retainer, but if you have a request for a one-time project you can send an email to to request pricing. Copywriting or blogging is a typical 7-day turnaround. Content can take up to 30-days or more depending the scope of work. 

Jun 13, 12:40AM EDT0
What does your influencer relations service include?
Jun 12, 6:41PM EDT0

Influencer relations includes regular outreach to influencers, introducing them to brands on our roster they may like. We also build out gifting programs and help to coordinate sponsored posts. We do pay-to-play consultation and negotiation. And we construct creative activations to pique the interest of influencers and their audiences.

Jun 12, 8:03PM EDT0
Is your company specialized only on fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands? Why?
Jun 12, 3:11PM EDT0

We have definitely worked with companies outside of those industries that wanted help creating an elevated, cohesive digital presence. Some of my best clients were outside of fashion and beauty! But when looking at my knowledge and my background, and my team's knowledge, we are all connected to these industries and excel when working within these industries. Most of our organic connections are in the fashion or beauty world. And being able to specialize in a certain industry has strengthen our results and our client's results. Working within fashion, beauty and lifestyle keeps our jobs exciting and interesting. They are ever-evolving industries and allows us to be creative and bold.

Jun 12, 3:37PM EDT0
Are there certain requirements you need to follow regarding sponsored and paid for content on blogs and social media?
Jun 12, 10:30AM EDT0

Absolutely! It's not just the influencer's responsibility to follow FTC rules. As a marketer or digital publicist, it's your responsibility to confirm they are aware of these guidelines - and that your team and clients are aware too. If content you coordinated with an influencer for a client was sponsored make sure the post candidly states this. Often we ask influencers to use hashtags like #ad or #sponsored or #partner. It's all in the influencer's  and client's best interests.

Jun 12, 2:43PM EDT0
When working with a client’s social media strategy, how much time on average do you need to devote weekly to their social networks?
Jun 12, 4:31AM EDT0

Every client is a little different - but I try not to overload my team or take on too many social media accounts at a given time so that we can devote the necessary time needed to content creation, strategizing, posting, engagement and community management. Because these processes do take time. When it comes to general upkeep each team member will spend anywhere from 1 - 3 hours a day on each client.

Jun 12, 2:36PM EDT0
Why is it important to form a solid foundation when becoming an influencer marketer?
Jun 12, 4:09AM EDT0

The most important foundation we can build when working with influencers, just like PR, is our relationships. Just shooting over an email isn't enough. It's important to take the time to meet face-to-face, learn what type of work the influencer is looking for, getting to know them and their content, etc. Only reach out with opportunities you feel genuinely benefit both parties. This is so important. Without these relationships you just won't see results.

Jun 12, 2:34PM EDT0
How can businesses and potential clients contact your agency? Where do you offer your services?
Jun 12, 12:46AM EDT0

Great question! Potential clients can contact me via email at and learn more about our services at Currently we offer services to companies throughout the US and Canada - and can also offer a few of our services to additional international companies hoping to break into the US market.

Jun 12, 1:31AM EDT0
What are the benefits of working with influencers for a brand ?
Jun 11, 10:30PM EDT0

More and more consumers are turning to blogs and social media to receive news or trends or product recommendations - rather than print outlets. Times are definitely changing and working with influencers keeps your company in the forefront of how people are absorbing information. From a business perspective bloggers and influencers not only generate awareness, they also generate sales and content. A triple win! They engage their audience for you, and are usually trusted by their followers so conversion is greater. And they are relatively affordable compared to advertisements. 

Jun 11, 10:48PM EDT0
What is your method to establish, maintain and grow a brand’s digital presence?
Jun 11, 10:16PM EDT0

Establishing and/or growing a brand's presence takes time, strategy, and a lot of creativity. It takes being super innovative and smart to break through the noise and stand out. It takes a little bit of risk, and not being afraid to do something a little different or new. Maintaining that interest takes a lot of upkeep and planning. ​It also takes strategizing and managing the brand is multiple aspects - their website, their social media channels, presence in the media, relation with bloggers and influencers, relation with celebrities, ​etc. 

Jun 11, 10:35PM EDT0
What are good tracking and monitoring tools to measure the results of influencer programs?
Jun 11, 9:17PM EDT0

Obviously each influencer campaign is different and will have different goals. One of the most common measurements is impressions, or the number of times your brand message gets in front of your target audience. This is info that is easily gathered from the influencer's profile or basic insights typically built into a platform. Also, it's easy to use Google Analytics to measure traffic and acquisition. If you want to track conversions you can use affiliate links, promo codes, and tracking modules (also available through GA - or ecom sites like Shopify). But, never just set up a program and leave it to an automated system to reach out to influencers or track ROI - it's important to be hands on with all influencer outreaches or campaigns. 

Jun 11, 10:22PM EDT0
What have been some milestones your agency has achieved that make you proud?
Jun 11, 8:53PM EDT0

Just starting the agency was a huge step for me! As terrifying as it is to go off on your own (especially in such a difficult and competitive industry), I knew I had a unique and powerful insight that could change the success of so many companies - and I had to take the leap. And it proved to be the right step. Within a year of my company's founding, we had already began expanding into different departments and expanding our team. Once only social media consulting, we're now helping companies with SM management, influencer/blogger relations, and PR efforts. And being able to work with awesome, up-and-coming brands like Jules Kae, SNKR Project, and Karma and Luck and being a part of their story is incredible. It's truly an honor. Even though we're still a young company, I know we have plenty of milestones to look forward to!

Jun 11, 10:03PM EDT0
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