----- Rolling Rocks Dolls by Celeste ---- Cute Doll clothes, Fast shipping, Inexpensive Prices AMA

RollingRock Dolls: For my business, I am looking for bloggers out there that accepts guest posts so I can reach some potential clients. For our buyers/ soon to be buyers, please be assured that you are getting a quality item from our shops at a competitive price. You c…

I'm a freelance writer, amateur blogger and aspiring full-time traveler. As I continue to work on my travel blog and freelance writing, I hope I can travel the world forever. Ask me anything!

Rebeca Jurado: Bheem, I have many! The first one would be Israel, — specifically, Jerusalem due to its Biblical importance. From there, I want to take a short trip to Petra.
May 17, 2018

AMA with Nir Eyal on How to build habit-forming products and fight distractions

Nir Eyal: Respectfully, what's different is the Hooked Model! While other marketing approaches tell you to build a better solution, I'm telling you to build a better habit. Do you know the sales person's new trigger, action, reward, and investment for making a…

Ask Me Anything on getting leads in service industry - Accountants, CPA firms, consulting,IT and Saas companies, engineering and other professional services firms who are interested in growing their business.

Raj Ganesan: Gareth, I disagree. It comes down to marketing of customer service rather than quality of customer service. Often people are willing to compromise when they want to be associated with the company. It is the say way married couple work, employer-emplo…

How to Create Wealth and Passive Income with Investment Real Estate. AMA!

Marco Santarelli - Real Estate Investments: For the most part, timeshare is a scam. It’s the most high pressure sales pitch to get in, and it’s virtually impossible to sell and get out. The only way it makes sense is if it’s a spot where you absolutely positively want to visit and revisit time…

My name is Elka Hristova. I am the co-founder of DanceSport Education, an Arizona non-profit organization that brings the benefits of ballroom dance directly to the students, at their schools, in their classrooms. Ask me anything!

Elka Hristova: Thank you for your question!  Our General Donation Fund is a shared effort to support two major goals: (1) Increased outreach, access and high quality DanceSport instruction at affordable cost to the schools, students and parents, and (2) Alleviate f…

I'm an award-winning business coach, passionate about business planning and supporting people to achieve their dreams. With my vast life experiences, I know what it takes to function at the top level and achieve extraordinary results. Ask Me Anything!

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